NuWave Phono Converter - subsonic filter?

I recently made some system changes in an effort to simplify things a bit and am now using my DAC/Headphone amplifier as a preamp for my active speakers. It has an RTA as part of the display and I noticed that when playing/recording records that there’s quite a bit of level on the band that reads 25Hz and below compared to the higher bass frequencies. It’s lead me to wonder if the NPC has a subsonic filter setting that I’m somehow missing? I don’t get any woofer pumping on the speakers so maybe it’s a non-issue?


Hi Bill,
I don’t think there is one. The manual never mentions one and in the year or two I’ve had mine I haven’t encountered one in any of the “Options.”

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I believe lonson is right. Back when we were using the NPC in Music Room 1, I never saw that option in the menu.

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Confirmed it with Tech support as well. Reaching out to my DAC manufacturer to see if they think it’s an issue. The DAC does have EQ capabilities so I’m wondering if I should just put in a low pass cutoff of 20Hz so as not to limit how loud I can play the monitors without distortion.

Technically, it would be an infrasonic filter, not a subsonic filter. The former refers to frequencies below the threshold of audibility, the latter refers to velocities below the speed of sound.