Octave Radio Stream Quality

Hi guys. Loving Octave Radio buyt just wondering why it only streams at MP3 192 quality ? This is the same on sonos or using the simaudio moon mind app through the 680D. Is it my kit or is the quality limited fior some other reason?

Welcome! you might want to check out some of Paul’s videos on the sound quality of the streaming of Octave radio. Here’s one you can start with, but there’s a few others too.


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MP3 files are not 192 quality.

The highest quality MP3 has a bitrate of 320kbps, whereas a 24-bit/192kHz file has a data rate of 9216kbps. Music CDs are 1411kbps.

Also, MP3 files suffer significant compression that discards substantial data. Lossless (FLAC, eg ‘192 quality’) is always better, as MP3 is a lossy format (loss of details due to compression technics).

Humans have a hearing range from about 20 Hz — 20kHz (20,000 Hz). Different types of MP3s have different frequency cut-offs. MP3s also tend to have a “shelf” at 16 kHz (you’ll see it in the spectrals). MP3 320kbps (CBR) has a frequency cut-off at 20.5 kHz.

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I think @rickerr63 was referring to the stream quality of Octave radio which is sent as MP3 192kbps. Paul goes into some details on a few videos of how he believes it may sound superior to higher bitrate streams due to the quality of his recordings, etc.



Sounds good with such a low bit rate because it of its premium recording process, beginning with DSD recording and care taken thereafter.

Streaming is not same thing as internet radio.

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Thanks all. I will look at Paul’s videos, but Radio Paradise streams at CD bitrate and sounds brilliant…just sayin’.


I used to have my own internet radio station. I didn’t have to pay for bandwidth. For people who do it can get very expensive. For Internet Radio a 192 stream is very nice quality. Listen before you comment on it. It sounds fine and the provider can stream to many and not have to pay a lot for the bandwidth. For free you can enjoy it or your money back. Want better, Qobuz can help you out. I hope they can do it for a long, long time!