Oldest Primary Component(s)?

mine begins with 4350 JBL speakers…from 7/1975
(updated in 1991 to 4355’s - replaced all the drivers)

my Haag High-Back listening chair(s)…1983
reupholstered 1993 (by then, they were Duct Tape chairs :sunglasses:)

2nd oldest (as a group) are a pair of KRELL KBX 3-way mono crossovers and Audioquest Dragon speaker wire and Square D Isolation Transformers on each of the 9 dedicated circuits…from 7/1991

Seems like only yesterday!

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uh…err…uh…a 2 year old Singxer SU-6.


16-year-old Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1 Loudspeakers.

I always loved the look of those speakers. Got to hear them once at a NYAS. Nice!

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I have a set of BIC Venturi speakers from 1976-77 and a set of Kef Model 3? (dont remember) from the mid 90’s. The BIC’s are still playing music in my shop and have been since the early '80’s. The KEF’s haven’t been connected to anything for at least 20 years.

I have upgraded nearly everything in the last few years. However, my VPI Classic 1 turntable dates back to 2015.

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Klyne Audio SK-5 circa 1982
It is a full function preamp but I use it solely as a phono stage

Also have a NAK CA-5 (ridiculously good phono stage designed by John Curl) that is at my tech’s shop getting new caps, rca’s a few resistors


I have some Polk SDA 2A speakers that I bought new in 1987, though I did rebuild the crossovers and installed hurricane nuts on all the drivers and passive radiators, black hole 5 behind the mid range drivers, new bass inductors, neutrik twist connectors on the interconnect cable, new binding posts, and 3" spikes. I also have a pair of apogee duetta 2 speakers from 1987, but I bought those used in 2017, with the original boxes and packaging.

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1980 JVC-QL-Y7 turntable. Still looks and great and operates flawlessly. Bought from the brother of a retired military officer from New Orleans who passed away from cancer. Highest level complete TT that JVC imported into the US. The The QL-10 used the same motor and a similar plinth but the tonearm and arm board were sold separately.


My old turntable setup - VPI HW19/SDS, Zeta tonearm. Collection of old cartridges which I hanging on to for no particular reason - Koetsu Rosewood Sig (mid 1980s), Clearaudio (1990’s), Transfiguration (2000’s)

Pass Aleph Ono phonostage from late 1990’s, recapped last year by Pass (amazing customer service!) - Still holds its own against the Stellar phonostage.

Phillips CD 880…Was on the cover of Stereo Review in the mid 80’s. The unique feature was a volume control in the unit. You could bypass a preamp and send directly to the amp. These were heavy and gorgeous. I still have it,and have never had an issue with it.

Oldest component in use in my primary system: Magnepan IIIAs (using the bass panels only these days). Bought them new in 1999. Second oldest: Kuzma Stabi turntable with the Kuzma Stogie tonearm (had to replace the tonearm a year ago). Bought the table and original arm in 2002.

The oldest component in my system is my pair of Quad ESL57 speakers. Not sure of the date of production. I have had them serviced by One Thing Audio here in the UK. They rewired them and added a clamp so that you are able to use them with more powerful amps. My main turntable is a Garrard 301. This has been heavily up graded by The Classic Turntable company. New base new bearing and a heavy brass platter 12kg. The only original part is the motor.

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1978 44 years old Thorens TD105, with original power brick and belt and with original exchange tonearms for easy exchange of cartridges. Only and primary turntable in the house get used a lot.

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Mark Levinson No. 28 preamp. Purchased as an ex-demo in '94. Serviced twice. Once for failing relays, once for leaking caps. Still sounds great.

1983 Watkins Stereo WE-1s speakers in my main system.

In my den system 1966 Dyanco ST-70 with a Dyanco PAS-3 Pre with the original Telefunken tubes.


Everything has been upgraded in the past 5-6 years, but I still have my original 1989 Acoustat Spectra 33 electrostatics mated with a new pair of REL Subs. I did have them upgraded/updated by “Roy the master” a few years back.

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Oldest component is my 20 year old Acoustic Signature Final Tool turntable. Next oldest are the Tidal Piano Cera V2 speakers, around 11 years old.

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