Online ordering difficult with credit card

I find online ordering at PSA difficult because there is no way to enter a billing address for my credit card. Hence, the order gets rejected when the zip code on my card does not match my shipping address. This is frustrating. Shouldn’t the goal be to make things easy for the customer?

Hi @rgmilne,

This is a problem our software team is aware of and we’re hard at work to resolve it.

We can always help you out over the phone (720-406-8946), or by email (

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we sort through things.

Some credit card companies allow for a second alternate address. I use a postal annex for parcels, and added my shipping address for this purpose.

Well, it’s more to do with fraud prevention than anything else. Scott’s correct that if you want to ship to a different address then your billing address you’ll need to call 800-PSAUDIO and we can do it for you.

There’s such a problem with fraud today that our CFO has put the skids on online ordering with different addresses.

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Here’s how to order with a different billing address: enter the billing address (in my case a PO Box) as the main address on the order. Also put a ship-to address in the comments box of the order. Clearly identify this as the ship-to address. The invoice from PSA will correctly identify both ship-to and bill-to addresses. Problem solved.

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