I think this thread has proven his point.


Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
The same can be asked about atitudes shown in the interactions on the thread that prompted this one.

We is who we is.


No doubt Ted.
I know where I am and I am happy to be here.

Yes sir! :slight_smile:


You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…

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Hi @badbeef,
I have been hanging around the Jazz Sounds thread where we agree on some things and disagree on others, but we totally understand it is personal taste :grinning:

Back to my opinionated opinion: I only used the human analogy and the food and beverage analogy to approximate the notion that a power regenerator running at 37 - 42 Celsius is lukewarm. Below 37 Celsius is it tepid. So, I am not sending mine for service anytime soon. I never intended to challenge anybody’s qualifications or scientific knowledge, neither do I have any biases against doctors especially that I have 2 siblings + 5 nephews and nieces who are are doctors. I totally appreciate their work and the pressure they put up with.

Reading team comments, I highly appreciate your attempts to change the atmosphere. Thank you for the reconciliatory messages. I love the light heartedness that you spread around despite these trying times! Thank you so much :heartbeat: :bouquet:


Happy 5th PSA Forum Anniversary. We enjoy your presence, I hope you enjoyed ours and hope you stay with us for years to come in good health & happy days! :bouquet: :candy: :cake: :tada: :balloon:

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Well, being here for just few weeks, owned the PS audio gear for just 2 week rounds i found audio folks here are so rich, i was big surprised that some can spend thousand of thousand for just a pair of speakers, same for DAC, transports, amp. etc , it’s estimated that a completed system of some pictures posted in system photo can goes up to 30K total, woa!!! much much more than a car that i tried so hard last year to upgrade.

But everyone are so nice and helpful. especially Serhan. :slight_smile:


Thank you @leean
Buddy, I am humbled by your comment and really hope to live up to whatever good thoughts you and others have of me.


Oh my goodness, if you only knew the extremes some of us will go. I’ll give you a hint, I have a turntable coming that when everything is said and done, turntable, tone arm, cartridge, interconnect, power cable, stand, etc I will have over $80k into it. The company that makes it says the one I am getting is it’s third best. It’s first best turntable costs $550k and that doesn’t include anything like a tonearm, cartridge, cables etc.


(I am hoping it sounds nice)


It was still there ten years or so ago. I had a chance to visit.

For that much cash I’d expect it to make me a cup of tea too :slight_smile:


Would a cup of noodles do?


JSYK - I didn’t say I was leaving - I quoted “Opinionated” saying he was leaving after a mere few days of our collective “drivel”. :joy:

Thanks so much for the kinds words!

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Just in case my posts on this thread weren’t clear.

Yep, that was my point. He was the one who was jumping to conclusions, being overly sensitive and tho asking for opinions, didn’t want to listen and got argumentative and picky.

I completely agree with him that we are light hearted at times, but I consider that a positive here. I’ve had my fill of dourer, closed minded, authoritarian and, at times, outright mean posters on some other boards.


as they say, opinions are like matrix x-spdif 2’s.

everybody’s got one.




“When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you.” --Ronnie Scott (British jazz musician and club owner).


You’ve been compromising again. You need to have a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

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That’s the nerdiest audiophile joke I’ve ever heard - but a very good one!

p.s. I don’t have a Matrix x-spdif

In my wonderful extraordinare opinion…that ya’ll need a bib
to catch the dribbles falling from ya’lls dribbles… :rofl: :grin: :innocent: