Or a wine decanter/carafe :thinking:

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Tell your cleaning staff not to try to change the bulb when it’s switched off and doesn’t turn on with the main light switch.


It is a testimony to this Community, IMHO, that this thread, born of disdain, has become purty durn fun :metal:t3:

I must say though, that as a certified Doctor of Thinkology - that learned degree having been conferred upon me by the Universitartus Committiartum E Pluribus Unum - I am quite generally offended by all of this, drivelistically.

Receiving my Diploma from the Man Himself.


This is a bigger toast rack
toast 008

and this is a more useful one

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I could not agree more @badbeef.



I’m not sure this dietary pun travels well. Or it just wasn’t in the least bit humorous (probably).


Solid state

Are those Bivalves, or single-ended?

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Put me in mind of these toast racks at the old Farnborough airport (next to the current one) where Redhat had their headquarters (maybe still do).


Looks like those pics should be posted in the “We Also Love Cars” thread.

Pulease let’s not lose sight of the original kernel here. We’re all this guy.


Ditto Dat…

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Know I got the munchies for some late night haddie, chips and mushy peas, best wrapped for the road.

Take a little sage (or is it basil?) advice. Setting up a table optimally is a labor of love, and a royal pain in the butt. Little changes in adjustment will make a big difference. When you do get it set up to suit you, it is one of the most satisfying things about high end. Just be patient.

Been there.


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TecDas don’t make anything this good.


Man, that looks gooood…

Reminds me of fish&chips in my time on the coast in Devon.

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I just have to take it out of the box, assemble it, take the tonearm out of its box, mount and assemble it, take the cartridge out of its box, mount it and dial it in. I have a brand new Fozgometer with the expensive off center test LP to go with it. How hard could it be?

It won’t be my first rodeo but it will be the largest rodeo I have ever seen. My dealer has offered to come and do it all for me but I want to read and learn and know what it all means.

Thank you for sage advice Mongo!!
I will observe your thoughts and take it slow and easy.
The fact that I have two fully setup turntables now should allow some useful slack.

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