Output from DMP AES/EBU & Co-Ax into non DSD

I’ve been trying out some single layer SACD’s with the DMP. According to the manual when using a non- DSD DAC the DAC should see a PCM sample rate of 88.2KHz. However when using the DMP with either an iFi Pro iDSD DAC or an Auralic Vega G2 the input shows up at 176Khz with no sound. Not sure why or how to get round this?

This problem has been discussed elsewhere in the forum. There is a software bug in one of the later software releases that is causing this. The solution is to load an earlier version of the software. From memory the last version that worked was 3.04 (or in might be 3.10, don’t know). Just have a search within and you’ll find the answer.

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3.10 is the one you need for now.

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Thanks for your help - went back to 3.10 and working as expected.

Installed 3.10 and now working as expected. Many thanks.

Sometimes when they fix stuff other stuff gets broken. Which is unfortunate.