P10 and Studio Monitor JBL LSR 6328


i had a big problem 3 days ago and still do not know if the cause needs to be input to my P10.

After booting the P10 the right speakers failed to operate and just 2 seconds before, the speaker did a strange rumors inside!!

These studio monitors have been always hooked to the P10 since 4 month now and anything strange or unsusal had never happend!!

The voltage output is set to HIGH REGOLATION, 230v…on port 1-2 and firmware 0.34.

apparently after sending the JBL to service repair, they had to order the new electrical motherboard that was burned!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Now i am terrified in hooking uo again the speaker to my P10.

what should i do???



It depends on why the board burned. If they indicated that it was caused by a mains power fault then there is cause to be concerned. If no cause was reported then anything could have caused the failure. It could be the power, but it could also be some other fault, including the possibility of a problem on the audio connection.

I might be cautious but not too quick to blame the P10. Some may disagree, but I would leave the P10 and speakers powered up. This avoids turn-on problems and actually extends the working life of most electronic components as compared to frequent power cycling. Perhaps this is too much power at idle if you are concerned about these things.