P10 did not help with my power perturbations... yet

Just installed a second hand P10, two years old.
My problem is that each time someone in the building turns light on or off, my DirectStream (with snowmass V2) mutes for a second.
Something happens, right? Something gets wrong with the streamer or converter and it gets to the converter to do this…
I could go back to red cloud that didn’t have this feature, but I really like snowmass better…
The only devices not on the P10 are the network devices. NAS, 2 switches. Otherwise the streamer, converter and amps are all on the P10.
I didn’t want to add the switch to the P10 because it not a linear power supply and low quality device, I didn’t want it to pollute my system… should I put all that on the P10 too?

So you’re saying this behavior of the DS mute only happens with SM, and didn’t happen with RC or earlier?

Please elaborate. The DS DAC can accept many inputs. What input and source is the cause of the problem? Or is it source agnostic? My assumption is it is network related IF the problem is streaming via the Bridge II.

I could be wrong, but a sudden deficiency in power will likely cause a shutdown, not merely a mute in sound.

More info would be helpful for troubleshooting.

Interesting. What you are experiencing is exactly why I tried a P10 in the first place - - my Lampizator GoldenGate DAC would stop playing for ~4 - 6 seconds whenever my or my multiple neighbors’ air conditioners kicked on (which equated to a lot of times per hour mid-summer!). I am guessing that the A/C dipped in voltage and the sag resulted in an error in the DAC. The P10 completely resolved this very aggravating problem. I do feed my DAC from a device that is plugged into the P10 (initially my computer feeding a Berkelely Audio Design Alpha USB converter; now an Antipodes DX2). Maybe putting your switch on one of the P10’s outlets will solve the issue for you, too.

I feed it through I2S from a raspberry pi that has 2 separate linear power supplies, one for the pi and one for the I2S 3,3V.
Ted confirmed this feature was new on snowmass and related to a signal or clock drop.
I’ll try to use usb instead see if I still get it, good point!

All right, so I tried:
-putting the switch on the P10
-changing buffers for much bigger ones
-using USB instead of I2S
The only thing that worked was the last one, using USB

USB solves the interruptions - - that’s good! So, how does it compare for sound quality vs. I2S?

Perhaps your I2S 3.3v power supply is on the ragged edge. Try another.