P10 initializing for 5 secs and shutting down

Hello all,
Have had my P10 for 6 years now and it had been working fine. I recently moved to the UK and unpacked my P10 yesterday.

After connecting my unit it booted showing the “Initializing” blue screen then switched off. I then realised my SD card had popped out - probably during installation - I reinserted but no avail.

Since I did not modify the software nor the hardware since it was last working a couple of weeks ago I am wondering what to do and what checks should I carry noting that:

  • the unit was professionally moved from one country to another (but still transported…)
  • the specs of UK vs Europe (former country) are the same
  • no software change was done
  • the unit wasn’t used for 6 months packed

Thanks in advance for your help !

Welcome to the forum!

One thing to try is power it off for a minute or so with the back panel switch, power it back on while holding the blue button on the front panel until it completely boots up. Also make sure there is no network cable plugged in to it.

The second method involves waiting for a second “click” after 30 seconds or so and then pushing the blue button. I may be off on the series of events for this one as it was just recently mentioned for another Power Plant that wouldn’t restart. Someone else should chime in with the correct procedure if this is wrong. It’s still pretty early here in the USA.



First thanks for answering so quickly. Second, you were spot in, your first method worked immediately in that order, you were definitely awake back in US ! Many thanks !! Thomas


Thanks ! What a nice place here !


Glad it worked for you and this forum has a good respectful following and lots of activity so you are always welcome here.
Yes I am up early AM and there are several people here who are up all night so someone is usually available for advice or simply to chat.


Excellent news!

Yeah, you’d think.
What was the actual wall voltage in your previous country?
In much of EU it can be closer to 220 volts.

In the UK it can go as high as 250-odd volts, and averages at 240 or above.

(yes I know, I know, it was all harmonised in the 90s / 2000s as part of EU-wide directive, but it wasn’t really, they cheated…)

This is great to see energy in this forum indeed. I seem to own equipment from brands that have strong communities and have real after sales service and world class craftmanship (ATC, Linn, PSAudio) and I must admit I am not disappointed… we love our music and our equipment. And I love my P10, it was my last system addition and it helped me going the next mile up sound quality wise.

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Well now that you say… I brought my P10 to four countries to date and results were shocking… Australia bumpy 240V with 270V peaks… Russia 240V flat… France 230V flat… and now a bumpy 235-245V in UK


yeah 230 - 255 is max range at my house in north west uk.
power companies do as little as they are allowed…

I used to regularly get 243 but now it’s usually around 237.

Edit: - input distortion is regularly 3.1%. When I’ve been at Signature Audio in Westerham, the industrial unit only has 1.4%. We’re both supplied by UK Power Networks (I’m on a domestic single phase supply).

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247 220

left hand is incoming voltage, under 250 which is unusual for this time of night, i think more folks have electric cars charging overnight around here now hitch may explain it.
RHS is what i run my non-amplifiers on.

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cool meters

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Thank you - front panel was supposed to be “silver” aluminium, but it was too thick for my step drill so had to use plywood :wink:

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How does that work ? Is that a min/max reader ? Wow.

Sounds pretty bad. Up in the North we seem to be more steady fortunately… and “only” 1.5% distortion.

No it’s input and output of auto transformer that runs all my non amplifier stuff (sources, streamers etc) - 25 ish volts lower than wall voltage. Saves them a lot of heat dissipation, most are designed for eu average voltage, and whilst they can take the full whack, it shortens their life somewhat.

The amplifiers, OTOH, are 30 year old Quads, and are happy at 250 volts :slight_smile: