P10 is out of order, what's next

Hi Paul,
My P10 is working for me for 5 years. It was always working fine until last Sunday. (I usually only license music during the weekend).
P10 the power switch is always turned to ON position, I only use the remote control to turn OFF / ON the unit……it has been doing this for 5 years!
Last Sunday (07/17/2022), as usually I use the remote to turn ON the P10 and I saw something wrong:
The blue screen shows INITIALIZING….after 2 or 3 seconds, then the screen becomes dark and the logo is also dark. Nothing happens.
Then I try to switch off the power switch and turn it on again; the same:
The blue screen shows INITIALIZING….after 2 or 3 seconds, then the screen becomes dark and the logo is also dark. Nothing happens.
I have changed the power cord, the same; I have used another power strip, the same.
I have no idea but feel like this P10 unit maybe needs service?
I did submit the message from your PS Audio website for support. So far, no response yet from PS Audio.
What is the next?
Please advise. Thanks for the help.

Sorry, for my typo. I usually “listen to” music during the weekend…


Have you tried installing the latest firmware? This may help as the firmware installed on the machine may be scrambled.

Thanks for asking. I did install the latest version a couple of years ago. After that, it was working fine until last Sunday.

@jamesh may have other firmware he can send for you to try. I may not be diagnosing your issue accurately, but my guess is the unit is OK and it just needs to install clean install of firmware.

I hope it is an easy fix!

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One thing to try is to turn the unit off with the back panel switch for a few minutes. Then hold the blue button when you turn the unit back on. That forces a deeper reboot and may get it going again. One of mine does a similar thing if the power goes off and right back on again within a few seconds.
Hope this helps!


Excellent suggestion

Hi Baldy,
Thanks. Will try it out tonight.

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I’ll be curious if this test helps. I’ve not had much luck if the unit appears dead like this but always worth a shot. I’ll send you an email with the update files. Also worth a shot. Other than that, it’ll likely need to come in to be checked out.

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Hi Jamesh,

Thanks. I will try Baldy’s suggestion tonight and will let you know the result.
You can send me the updated files to: _____

Thanks again.

Hi Jamesh,

I got your updated files. Thanks. Will try it tonight.

@peter-chung I deleted your email address so that spammers and other bad guys do not get it now that you have the files from @jamesh


Hi Eik,

Thanks for your help!!

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Hi Guys,

A few minutes ago I just tried Baldy’s suggestion and also Eik’s firmware.

  1. I have hold the blue button when I turn on the unit.
  2. The blue button (logo) is blinking (maybe around) 10 seconds; then the screen comes up.
  3. The screen show:
    Please Touch the Four corners in Order (there are 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers shown at the corner of the screen)
  4. When I touch the corner in order from 1, 2, 3 before I touch the 4; the whole screen is dark; the same blue button.
  5. The unit is “shut down”
    I did try couple of times, the same thing. So, there is no chance to let the unit install the updated files that Jamesh sent to me.

Any further advice? Thanks for the help.

That’s all of the help I can offer. It may need a trip to the local dealer or back to PSA for service. I don’t think they can do remote testing via the network connection.
Maybe you should also try to reboot it with the network cable unplugged (or plugged in if it isn’t already)? I don’t think that will make a difference but it’s worth a try.

Hi Baldy,

Thanks for the suggestion, but the same result.
Do you know how to get the RMA from PS Audio to have the service? I did send a message to HELP DESK, but no one responded yet to me.

I’m not sure what country you are in but a phone call to them is best.

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Hi Baldy,

OK, thanks.

A phone call or an email to me and we can get one sent out. jamesh@psaudio.com