P10 Unable to maintain voltage setting in high regulation mode


My P10 is unable to maintain Voltage Out I set at 225V in High Regulation mode.
Input Voltage 236.5V stable with 1.6% THD
Output Voltage around 232.3V with 0.8% THD, can never reach below 230V with my setting at 225V in high regulation mode.

I needed 220V for my equipments but my P10 keeps shutting down when I set 220V.

Is my P10 having problem?
I tried updating to .41 upgrade but remained the same.

Please help.
I can send images of the Oscilloscope and Setting readings if needed.

Thanks and best regards,

Seems like you should. Let me check with Bob and get back to you.

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Thanks alot Paul for responding.

I have approached PS Audio local distributor which i got the P10 from, A & L Audio Station in Singapore, they told me to just stick with the Low Distortion mode with the voltage output hovering around 230VAC.
As this is not going to be very good with my 220VAC systems so i wasn’t convinced, moreover I still have about a year warranty running with my P10.
Thus i hope to get your reply soon so as to follow-up with my local PS Audio distributor.

Once again, thank you and best regards,

The tolerance for 220V devices is 242V on the high side and 206V on the low. You should be fine at 230V plus or minus a volt or two.

Hi Brett66,

Thanks for your comments.

In my humble opinion, the Schneider Electric advice you have kindly attached is most relevant for general household appliances only.
Does it fits tighter tolerant military and hospital grade equipment, as well as highly critical audiophile equipment, where material selection, components and parts are closely matched to an optimized design and tested around a highly regulated power supply value?
I don’t think so. For my case its 220VAC.
Therefore Power Regenerators with a perfect wave is called for that can only be provided to satisfy and meet the criteria demanded by audiophiles.

Of course the +11VAC over the design supply of 220VAC as demanded by my equipment will definitely work fine, in fact most if not all highest priced audiophile equipment will work too even in the highly fluctuated and distorted power supply.
But will it help to satisfy the most discerning and critical listening pleasure?
I most certainly don’t think so.
And what about longevity of the highly priced equipment?

In addition, referenced to PS Audio P10 user manual advised that settings with High Regulation mode will benefit most for tube equipment, which I am in agreement and is relevant and important to me, as tube equipment is voltage dependent.

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