This is how noisy my P15 are in a quiet room

This is how noisy my P15 are, just by itself, in a quiet room when my Ductless Split/AC is running on the other side of my house.
Not fun…

What is the measured level under the same conditions at your seating position?

Curiously yours,

Don’t know but irritatingly high so it disturbs me.


What are you hearing? My P-10 is dead quiet.


Is it a transformer hum? Does it change if the split AC is turned off?

You could have DC bias on the power circuit. Try turning off all the breakers but the one feeding the P15, then turn them on one by one and listen. Hopefully, you can narrow down which circuit has the offending device.


I would move.

The sound my P15 makes is a constant “Bruuum” that I think you in the USA calls “Hum” but I think “Bruuum” is a better description of how it sounds.

The noise my P15 makes changes a bit depending on which socket I use, it’s most quiet in an unearthed socket, and my P15 becomes most silent if/when I turn off my AC so with the AC turned off and if I use an unearthed socket I get the most silent P15

Ahhh, I misunderstood your question the first time.
It’s around 38-39 db.

Any chance you could try a DC blocker / offset eliminator to see if that helps
(like this one:

I have a Supra DC-BLOCKER MD01-16-EU and it doesn’t make it better.

Too bad.
I was/am thinking/dreaming about adding a P15 to my system. But somehow feared that it would add noise… Very sorry to hear that that happens to you.
I listen at very low volumes at night (floor 30/33dbA at listening position, music about 50/55 dbA). And that makes me supersensitive to anything emitting the slightest humm, even in other rooms.
So, next try: any chance to install a dedicated power line for your system?

I have a dedicated power line but that don’t help either.
My main problem seems to be my Ductless Split/AC because when I turn off my AC my P15 calms itself down a lot so if you don’t have a Ductless Split/AC I don’t think you’ll get same problem as I doo.

Wow, if even the dedicated line doesn’t help, this AC is bad.
So either sweating or “Bruuum”?
My limited knowledge ends here. Sorry. I hope someone more experienced can jump in and has creative ideas how to tackle this.
Good luck!

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Seems like you have received some good suggestions from the denizens of the fora.

I would contact PSA customers service to discuss the matter as well.

Best of luck to you.

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It sure sounds like you have an issue of DC on your AC

My P15 dead quiet also. There was a note somewhere in the forum about humming BHK and thoughts about loose transformer. But I’d call PSA also for troubleshooting.

FWIW, my P20 is absolutely silent. Also makes for a darker background.

Contact James at PS Audio here will help you out.

I live in Sweden so I must contact the one I bought my P15 of in this country but thanks for your suggestions.

Sad that it’s so much work with sending it in to get it fixed. Good that it’s 3 years warranty on it so I don’t have to feel that I must hurry…more than get it “nice & quiet” arround me.