P12 - double adapter?

Quick question for the ps audio tech people.

Would I suffer any degradation if I used a double adapter in one port on my p12. I recall reading power boards cause a negative impedance impact but thinking a double adapter will be negligible? image

The impact to impedance will be slight using something like this, but shouldn’t be too bad. The high quality hardware on the output is part of the reason we’re able to obtain the low impedance. Adding things like this harms it a little. It shouldn’t be terrible, but something to think about. I’d do my best to plug the least sensitive component into this outlet.


Thanks @jamesh.

Would the DSD or BHK pre be the least sensitive?

The 5th item I want to plug in is a Lumin U1 streamer so I am thining it could share a port with the DSD perhaps?

What else have you got plugged into the P12 as those three pieces in your last post would be three of your most sensitive.

I have the following:

  • DSD
  • BHK Pre
  • BHK250
  • Rel t9i sub

Maybe I should put the streamer in in with the sub?

You got five components listed including the Lumin and eight outlets why do you need an adapter? I would take the sub out altogether as it’s the least critical.

The australian model only has 4 ports.

I would also not connect the sub to the P12 because least sensitive and probably a switch mode power supply. So connect streamer, DAC, pre, amp. I would guess the sensitivity is in this order to.

ok, great - thanks for the sound advice. I will put the sub into the wall.

I would agree as I think that series of REL subs are using Class D amps with SMPS and they can contaminate everything else.

The subs probably are the least finicky but the T9i are class A/B.

I like Mrjones’ suggestion. Subs are perfectly fine to plug into the regen, but they certainly aren’t as sensitive as the other pieces are.