P12 Low voltage shutdown error

P12 arrived after waiting for 2 months. Power up and failed to work with error message “Low voltage shutdown”. Tested from friend’s unit on same model is working fine. To Sent back Local dealer for investigation. Frustrated and disappointed. Any advices from PS Audio.

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Sorry about your initial experience. I hope it all gets resolved quickly. Just to confirm my understanding, did you ask your friend to your location and it works fine?

His p12 tested on my location and is working good

Ouch. I really hope you get a quick solution. Did you select 230V from the setup screen?


This is an odd fault because if something is wrong with the P12, that message wouldn’t show up. When you see this message, it usually is a low voltage situation and it can’t power on properly. I’ll be curious what the dealer gets back with.

Loan set from local dealer got no issue.

They’ll fix it because it’s a new one under warranty. Meanwhile, how does you system sound with the loan unit?

Make the music sound enjoyable

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But I’m little concerned about their products quality now

Certain % of products from any manufacturer will have issues whether it is electronics, automobile, clothing, or furniture. What really matters is how a company stands by its customer and products, honours warranty, resolves issues, and avails parts long enough to allow customers recover their investment.

I have the confidence PS Audio will stand by the product and customer. In my time, I’ve owned 8 pieces of PS Audio gear, and still own 4. None ever failed, but from what I see in the community they’re very supportive of their customers and products.


Thank you

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Please let us know when everything is resolved and you have a chance to enjoy your system.

Right on Serhan…the PS Audio team has been and currently
is very supportive…

You know that character that calls himself…The Whizzy Kid ?
Him that’s who…He’s the unabashed culprit of truly wonderful
customer service… :grin: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best wishes


A good corporate culture is instilled by the leadership when they lead by example, hire the right people who are aligned with this culture and provide the right training to further entrench it :+1:t2:


Thanks guys! :wink:


I expect PS audio to send a replacement of a new unit instead. Delivered a faulty unit is not acceptable.