P12 outlet naming question

If I understand it correctly, you can rename the outlets on the P12. I couldn’t figure it out from the manual so I did some searching on the forum. It seems I need to plug the unit into my internet to get that functionality. I never thought I’d need the internet behind the stereo so I didn’t route a line there when I finished the basement just 4 years ago. Dumb move now, I see. First question, is that correct? Do I need to have the P12 on the internet to rename the outlets? Second question, will the names stick if I rename them and then unplug the internet? The router is in the closet less than 13 feet away but it’s going to take a lot of work to put the line in permanently in. I’m wondering if I can plug an ethernet line in temporarily, rename the outlets and then disconnect. My wife isn’t going to want to look at the cable running across the basement and I don’t think I want to either. Some day when I get bored I may route/fish the cable into the wall permanently. Who knows. That may convince me to look into streaming music next.

Hi David.
I have a P10 and asked the same question back in 2016 when I purchased it. I think you will find the answer is yes you have to have it plugged in permantly however, I may be corrected!
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I guess I would have been smart to route internet lines behind the custom stereo rack and the TV when I finished the basement. I’ll have to fish a line into the wall. I’m not much of a wireless guy. I have speaker lines in the walls for various rooms in the house so one more line, at that time, would have been nothing. The wall is insulated so that will make it difficult. Fortunately, I have a drop ceiling in the basement so the only difficult part will be putting the line inside the wall. Thanks for the information.

Only can be done via network. And yes, the change will stay in. So, you can bring your P12 to network switch, do the name change, then bring it back the spot it belongs.

But P12 firmware v2.11 has bug on web interface for outlet naming. Basically, first 8 outlets on the configuration page correspond to the 8 outlets on P12

Thanks Terrence! I knew it needed to be connected in order to do it, but I wasn’t certain it would stick if you unplugged. Thanks for clearing that up.

I believe my firmware is 2.14 but I will double check that. Dang it! The studs in the basement were exposed for months while I pulled all the other wires and put in plumbing and heating. I’ve been in some newer homes that had internet jack in every room in the house. I guess I’m finding out why now. How many jacks would be enough? I only want to pull wires once. Can I run one line and branch out in the cabinet or does that cause IP address conflicts? I should have seen this coming. Even the Roomba has to be programed with a smart phone now.

If you put a switch at the end of the new network line in your cabinet you can add as many devices as there are ports on the switch.

Perfect. Thanks, one skinny wire is easier to pull than many wires.

Bluejeans cable sells Belden CAT6 or 6A cables custom made to length (in the USA) and they each come with an individual test report. I have a bunch of these and recommend them highly. I don’t have a connection with the company of any kind.

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Thank you, I’ll look into them. You know, I really need to get with the 21st century.

Modern home networks sound complicated but usually work pretty well. There is a learning curve involved but it isn’t really hard. No need to spend a lot of money but a good fast internet connection is nice to have.

In my application, I pull a wire from the switch to an 8 port unmanaged switch (like this one https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-8-Port-Gigabit-Ethernet-Unmanaged/dp/B07PFYM5MZ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=393H233RGQN80&dchild=1&keywords=netgear+switch+8+port+gigabit&qid=1602716700&sprefix=Netgear+swit%2Caps%2C196&sr=8-3) . Place the 8 port next to my gears (P12, Yamaha streamer, Amazon fire, etc ) that can take network feed, and wire them up. I use unmanaged switch because it is the most easiest way to extend the (wired) network, nothing need to be configured. As for wire, I buy bulk wire, and made it myself to the length I like, not to long and not to short.:slight_smile: of course, I have a NAS server somewhere (not in the room where I listen the music) in my network where I stream music from. Generally speaking, I don’t like wifi, if a gear has a port, I wire it.