P12 Thermal Shutdown

Curious why 700 Watts pushes the load to 80-100% if the P12 can do 1250?

See my first post in this thread.

A bit more detail:

VA is not the unit designation for current output. VA is Volt-Amps, often referred to as “Apparent Power”. Apparent Power (VA) is not the same as Real Power, normally expressed in Watts (W) (which is what you are accustomed to).

The relationship between Apparent Power and Real Power is: Real Power = Apparent Power * Power Factor (PF). PF is a unitless ratio, less than or equal to one.

A 1,000 VA device (a P12 for example) is designed to handle 1,000 VA. At a PF of 0.6, that would be 600 Watts. At a PF of 0.9, that would be 900 Watts. It’s entirely dependent on the electrical characteristics of the connected load of your equipment.

This is, you cannot total the watts of your attached equipment and be OK if the total watts is 1,000 or less. The unit is capable of handling 1,000 VA. This can be more or less than 1,000 watts, it depends on the electrical load. Stereo equipment places a greater load on an electrical system.

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Sorry, just don’t understand what you are saying.

Bottom line: you are pushing the P12 hard. It will occasionally shut down with the load you are placing on it.

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Ok Thank you! I will try and reduce the load on it.

Hey DarthSimion…which Parasound amps are you using…?

Thermal shutdown…leads me to ask regarding how
much space do you have above your P12…the internal fans
do need some space above the P12 for heat to vent

The following thread link shows some very power hungry amps

  • sources being powered by a P12…
    Scroll down through the pictures and you will see power on
    initial current surge…and then steady state with the P12
    taking it all in stride…

I agree with Elk…you could unplug from your P12 …
perhaps the Lg oled

Best wishes to you in getting the thermal shut down
resolved…hopefully it is something simple…

A P5 then a P12…very easily powered my former Parasound A21
power amp…all my sources plugged into them…

Best wishes friend

I am using 2 JC5’s and a 5125 for surrounds. All three are plugged into the P12 as well as OLED TV, Anthem AVM70 and Oppo.

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SO I took of the OLED 77 Inch TV and now it shows about 450 Watts and 70% load. Better?

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Wow 2 JC5s on a P12…amazing…and yes the 450 watts
70% load much better,.

Funny…I upgraded to a P15 from a P12 to accomodate
a JC5 which I now have…truly a wonderful amp.

One thing I have experienced early into my new JC5’s
life with me is that occasionally on initial power up …the inrush would shut
down my P15…no problem just press on the on button and P15
would be back on line…

Then the bright idea crossed my mind that given the huge power caps
JC5 might need to be plugged directly into wall for a few days to fully
develop form or what have you the power caps.

A few days later plugged my JC5 back into P15 and all is well no more
shut downs…

Questions may now fly…did my JC5 sound better plugged into wall…?
For a day or 2 perhaps…but when plugged back into P15…the difference
was such JC5 now remains plugged into P15…

Glad to meet a fellow JC5 compadre…they are superb amps.
Also currently have Oppo 205…

Best wishes

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How are you utilizing your JC5s? Bi-amping or bridged?

David, actually one of my 2 JC5’s is long broken in, the second one is 4-5 weeks old, and has had some use. As far as venting, almost the entire P12 has about 2 Inches of opening on top to breathe. The top off the unit is warm to the touch.

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One JC5 powers my Paradigm Persona 3F’s mains and second my Persona CC and One Atmos channel.

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Darth…given what Leonard posted regarding his Emotiva
monoblocs XPA1s running class A 60 watts from there on up class A/B
plus a class A Plinius…

It seems that the P12 is one stout unit…and seemingly do well
for you…

I never did get to run my JC5 on the P12 as I sold it in order to
purchase my P15…then the JC5 came along…

May your P12 and JC5s sing along a good happy life…
giving you many smiles!!!

Best wishes friend

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Thank you Dave!
I wish I had the space in my rack for the P15. I just cant fit it. I’m out of space unfortunately. I would upgrade to a P15 in a heartbeat if I had the room.

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Darth I empathize…for the same reason I have my P15
on a plinth resting on the floor next to audio rack…

You have one fine rig…with the beautiful 1st 12 watts Class A then
on to 400 watts Class AB…per channel !!! Woo hoo yeeehaww

Careful you don’t blow your ears out…

Best wishes compadre

Thanks, @davida Very helpful.

So on Power Plants, I’m curious what conditions would spark a thermal shutdown? Is it temperature of unit or power over load?

Most protection systems rely on both, overcurrent and high temperature can trigger protection modes. Power regenerators definitely use both. If you are on PowerPlay, please check the internal temperature graph of the P12, and compare it to the spec sheet to see if it’s overheating. One more thing is that meters show the steady load, but not the transient load which could drive the unit its limits for short period of time and cause it to go into protection.

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What do you mean by powerplay?