P20 fuse upgrade

Has anybody replaced the main fuse with a hi-end one.

Changed it w/ SR BLUE

Cardri, what difference did you hear with the SR blue?

@hiendmmoe - I changed my pair of BHK300 fuses (6 each) and the P20 at the same time. More detail…

Fuseless - replaced with metal tube of same diameter and length.
Copper/brass tube - more detail/brightness - likeable, but some music sounds unpleasant.
Aluminum tube wrapped into copper foil - bright and sibilant, nah…
Aluminum tube - neutral and pleasant.
Could never get satisfactory results with any fuses.

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See the following thread:

I just received my shipment of six SR Orange fuses from VH Audio, and have used two of them to replace the stock fuses in my two P20.

Regarding orientation, I’ve tentatively (for burn-in purposes) placed both fuses into their respective housings clasping the leading-edge L end of the fuse with the words “S 5A 250V” flowing out but I’m uncertain whether even the labeling on the fuses are consistent with the physical / electrical conductor within, as the end caps of the fuses are etched with symbols which sometimes differ. End caps are etched with either a letter “C” or with three letters “ELU”. The larger value fuses (5A and 6.3A) seem to have the “C” end on the left relative to the word flow, but one lower value fuse (800mA) had identical “ELU” end caps.

I would appreciate any guidance from those who are more familiar with SR fuses, especially with their performance relative to orientation differences. Thanks!