P20 Ground Pin Extraction Ideas?

The cursed Duplex shutter has iron grip and pulled off ground pin. Unable to pull U shaped ground pin with vise grips or needle nose micro pliers with saw tooth jaws.

Maybe insert a two-pronged PC to try and open the top two shutters and relieve some pressure on the ground pin…?

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If it’s hollow (U shaped) how about a small machine screw? Using the screw as leverage


:astonished: no solution but just want to give my moral support.

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I was just writing “a course threaded screw”!!! Nice @spacedghost!

I absolutely HATE those type of outlets. They usually only work once. Maybe. Before they become jammed one way or another.

When you screw things up as much as I do it’s amazing the things you think of…. I use it as teaching tools for my son of what not to do. Haha


Same here. Our daughter is 25 now and I feel like she’s fairly well prepared for most household challenges.

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Three hours later and no updates from @Vmax.

Either he’s torn apart his P20 or he’s figured out how to use a tuning ring and a bed lifter thingy to remove the broken pin.


I was tied up on a zero turn stuck doing lawn service at the horse ranch and spreading the genuine horse manure that stinks less than these outlets. Lucky for me the daylight is short. We are still doing vacation rental there, and a popular streaming network is filming a TV documentary there while I am in UK next week. Checking in on Monday.

I had been playing with extraction a week now. The screw is my next choice since copper is too soft for micro pliers that came today.

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Succeeded with @spacedghost suggestion of a screw, a screwdriver, pliers, and sorbothane isolator as a fulcrum.

Had to delay until the DS Mk2 was unboxed, connected and playing off i2s1


Crowdsourced creative solutioning at its best.