P20 & P15 Regenerator Performance Tweaks and Digital Stream Enhancements, plus BHK Preamp

I wonder what would happen if we supported the power cable going into the P20 with Shatki Stones? Lol

As long as it had a sorbothane footer absorbing vibration. It might work. Those are too snake oily expensive for my blood. Just buy 3M sheets. Lol

Whenever I aquire new music, if any of it is from that group it gets deleted quickly. I have zero tolerance for them.

I am certain there are artists in my collection that others would have similar feelings towards.

But that group writes jingles that are just the worst jingles ever.


I am not a ST superfan. My memory of them goes back to a looping 8 track. Yeah pure hell. But I find I can listen to anything. I am more into notes that rhymes. But thete is some rap I appreciate my second wife followed lyrics. She could listen to a song once and memorize every lyric and on the crappiest play back machine possible. I follow the music especially the bass lines or effects. Suppose it is why I love line arrays and their images.

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Plus they clear up the vocals buried in a mix and one cone trying to do everything on some point sources. Great tone but my brain cannot follow it.

I guess I am wired differently. The plus is it allows me to tweak incredibly efficiently since clarity stands out above all else and I tune in on notes versus vocals.

But the vocals have no choice but to follow.

Vmax … thanks for confirming an A5 under the power cord.
I forgot to ask, is the A5 footer underneath the power cord IEC or the actual cable itself?
If I’m going to try the tweak and it’s under the cable then I would need to pull my P20 towards the front of my rack to allow enough room for my rack to ‘see’ the power cord at the back of the rack.
At the P20’s current position I could only support the power cord IEC connector.

Same positioning here, an Orea Isoaucoustics just under the IEC connector of the P20 provided improvements in SQ.

This is my set up. But Luca’s works too. My P20 is pulled forward to let my amp heat sinks be exposed to space to breathe.

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Regarding cable lifts Snunyata suggests that static electricity must be eliminated. That’s why they developed a special foam. With sorbotane, there is a risk of conductivity…
Maybe, but it’s just a theoretical hypothesis, a Teflon tape between the cable and the sorbotane foot could avoid this phenomenon without removing the damping properties.

I had not thought of that. So I researched it

According to this site on triboelectric charging and material effects rated in a table. it is slightly conductive thus static will not build up like normal rubber or hair. It would therefore be ESDS safe material naturally.

I’m going to sleep less stupid tonight.

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After the P20 vibrating isolation plug, I’m following this tweak on other sources. One at a time. Just started with the analog rig experiments…

Here under the SPP/Dragon:

And a second M-1 in BHK Pre. Notes notes notes writing.


Yes please share. I am particularly interested in the DSD or and Linear Power Supplies. My monoblocks have Vertical IECs so weight of cord assists with keeping it plugged in. The cords are only 1 meter so they also float.

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I moved the PST isopuck to the cable side just outside of plug with cork support briefly, and I like it more, I think. I got another golf tournament today so I will listen more seriously later.


In theory it will isolate cable vibration better since plug gets its isolation already from the footers under the PST.

Have you considered a golf ball sitting on a swatch of putting green?


Can you get a hole in one or a byrdie from there? :grinning:

Best wishes

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Still playing and it’s a tough course and I’ll not win any trophy for sure!

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A golf ball is too valuable for me to use for any audio tweak. I lose balls so often these days I keep them securely locked, and I am always trying to find some free balls on the course too.