P20 Power Plant Taking on the Power Cable Sound Signature, why?

I have the P20 on loan and trying to wrap my head around why I can hear the sonic signature of the PC feeding the P20.

In theory any cable thick enough to deliver 15 or 20 amps could be used and the regenerated AC should be clear of noise, distortion and the sound of the cable. It should be reborn.

I think Poul & Co should try to find out how the PC sound signature can float throw the P20 and come out in the hifi system
I can see that Poul are using AudioQuest Dragon. Would be nice if you could use a standard cable without impact on SQ.

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This question comes up regularly.

A better power cable feeding a PowerPlant makes for better sound. This is also true for the power cable connecting the equipment to the PowerPlant.

The better the power cable in terms of non-restrictive delivery and shielding the better chance of perfect power feeding your components. The better the cable, the less the PowerPlant needs to work.

Finally, keep in mind no component is perfect. While the PowerPlants are wonderfully good at what they do, even they are unable to output power with 0% distortion, flawless voltage regulation, etc.