P20 web interface

@Paul, do you have an update on the fix for the P20/12/15?

Allow me to include myself amongst those who have faced difficulties with the P 20 web interface. Specifically after obtaining my P 20 last year, I programmed the timing of its various outlets using the web interface. I discovered shortly thereafter that whenever the P 20 remained attached to my network, it began to exhibit erratic behaviors including shut downs and restarts even though I was not using the web interface at the time or at all following initial set up.

After consultation with PSA and being told that there was no expectation on their part that the web interface would be useful for anything other than initial set up, I discovered that the erratic behavior ceased once I disconnected the unit from my network.

I have found this phenomenon quite disappointing, and I felt misled by the marketing information for the product. I have been surprised that these operational faults have not been corrected in such a mature and expensive product, and my confidence in PSA has been diminished as a result.

Nonetheless I love the P 20 (as I do my other PSA equipment) for the sonic improvement it makes in my system, and once set up the sequence of power up and power down works as expected.

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IMHO it is PURE BS that they don’t fix their bugs. As I mentioned before I can’t just get up and get on the back of the PS to do a full reset. I am in a wheel chair, and feel just like you, completely misled and taken.
What PS told you is very similar to what I was told, which is just insulting at the least, and a cheap way to get out of fixing a bug.
I like the PSs, but to say that they are reliable, or that support gives a dam about their customers after the sale is another.
How about @Paul stops making videos for Youtube, and start fixing things?
The different bugs in the PS platform have been there for years, and PS has done nothing for that long.
Even @Paul said he was going to take a look a few months ago, and complete silence since then.
Sad indeed.


We are pulling some of the software guys off new product development in order to make it right. I ask for everyone’s patience as this will not be a quick nor trivial fix for the team.


While I respect the decision to fix the issue I have to say that personally I am fine not using the web interface. None of my wall outlets and few of my power cables offer a web interface.

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I lost interest in playing web interface once I found out it did not improve my sound system; call me lazy.

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To my way of thinking it is a matter of meeting one’s commitments. It was a nice feature that was offered. Some may have specifically looked forward to utilizing it. That attempts to try the feature could result in the PowerPlant locking up and requiring a cold boot is inconvenient at best. For me it isn’t a matter of a Poll or Survey determining what the consumer at large is willing to accept, but possibly an over zealous manufacturer over stating a component’s capabilities. I respect your opinion, and our ability to agree that we may disagree on this. I also respect and admire this particular manufacturer’s liberal trial and return policy should the purchaser ultimately be unsatisfied with the in hand product.


Yes, conceptually I agree with Weedeewop (except the overzealous bit), but on the other hand it stings a bit when you think it might delay the DSD mkII

@chris5, there is something in software and hardware engineering and planning called sustained engineering.
Are you saying that when PS delivers the DSDMKII and there are bugs that go unfixed for years; you will not want the fixes because it might delay XYZ?

What would you do if the ignition in your car did not work after the first start, and the service department told you, OH!! that only works once and we will not fix it because that was how we designed it. Get over it, just open the hood and jump the ignition, and BTW is your car stops running just open the hood and jump it again.

I bought the Powerplants, for many reasons, including turning on and off different components from the comfort of a wheelchair and how they clean the power. If PS would have said that I could not use their web interface because it was meant to be used for setup only and would cause the powerplant freeze, I would have gone to other power generators that do, IMHO, a better job.

Everyone that designs any hardware and software makes a mistakes and develop bugs. Just fix them, if these were $100 power strips then I would say ok it is a $100 power strip. I should not expect much, but when I spend thousands of dollars on something, I expect everything that was sold to me to work, and if it does not to get fixed.

It is about time that PS does something about their software QA and finally deliver what they sold; if something gets delayed because they have to fix something that customers paid for, then it is what it is.
As for “return” policies, I agree they are good, but they are inline with most reputable HiFi manufacturers.
I am sorry if my English is not good, it is not my native language by far.


Since April 2019, I have been using web interface on my P12 to power on/off via ipad without problem, except the network might drop, which was fixed with a static IP address assignment.

It may be limited to the P15 and P20, based on your experience and comment.