P-10 and PowerPlay

My P-10 works correctly on the LAN, but never reaches out to PS Audio for PowerPlay. (packet capture never shows it making a request outside of the LAN) Any suggestions?

Check your registration on the PS Audio website. If there are any errors with that it will prevent you from seeing your P-10 in Power Play

The P-10 has to reach out and touch a given URL at PS Audio, and that is never happening. Better said, it never “calls home.”

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Try power cycling the router and then the P10. Or maybe shut them both off completely and then power up the router first. I have forgotten the sequence to get the regenerators to phone home.

That has been accomplished numerous times over the past few months. WireShark captures show no “call home” ever.

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I’m wondering if there is anyone at PS Audio that could chime in and lend any information concerning this issue?

According to Scott Schroeder at PSA, they are ironing out a few kinks in Powerplay and the new site. My P12 won’t work with it, and that’s the replay I got.

Neil, thanks for the response! And if my unit were to ever “call home” then I could understand that issue. However, all the P-10 ever does from a network perspective is an occasional ARP against the broadcast address, but never does any type of query or html call outside of the LAN, which in layman’s terms, it never “calls home.” It would have to reach out to a PS Audio server and say, “Hey! I’m here! Here’s my info…” and the server would then examine if the device is a valid one. What you’re describing is the latter half of that 2 way communication that happens from a network perspective, but my P-10 never gets past 1st base.

Once I get the word that PowerPlay and product registrations are up and running as they should, I’ll reach out and let people know. My understanding is that it will be hit or miss for some folks for a while more.

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While I doubt this relates to @Barsley 's issue, PowerPlay does not work for me using Firefox (graphs are blank), but does with Microsoft’s Edge browser.

James, thanks for the response, however, my issue isn’t what others are dealing with, my P-10 doesn’t ever “call home” and that wouldn’t have anything to do with the server on your side. I’m hoping that someone could point me to a firmware upgrade that includes a bridge update, or a module update responsible for commanding this action from the P-10.

Your lucky, at least your Pxx has a Unit Id, mine says 00000. I have sent an email to service as advised and have had no reply (again).

@Barsley If that’s the case, then you may have a corrupt I/O board. I’m almost certain that’s what handles the network connectivity.

@chris5 Send an email to marks@psaudio.com and tjt@psaudio.com some times the service box send authentic emails to spam and they don’t see them.


James, again, thanks for the response. The network card communicates with no issues in the LAN, I can browse to it, and control the P-10 and WireShark does show it randomly doing an ARP against the network. However, in the packet captures to the web interface I do get SYN packets with buffer full on all requests on port 80. Is there a way to purge (or set to defaults) the I/O board’s firmware? Or possible a solution in purchasing another I/O module from you folks? (I purchased this second hand from the original owner)

I’m not the networking Whiz kid I wish I was. I’d recommend starting an email thread with Mark or TJ. Those guy will know how to test something like that. I can’t speak upon selling a new I/O board. It’s extremely rare for us to sell parts like that.

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Thanks for responding. I don’t, however, know to whom you are referring to, nor do I have any contact information to the people you reference.

Apologies. Their emails were in a post of mine just above. I assumed you saw it. marks@psaudio.com and tjt@psaudio.com You know what they say about assuming…

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Thanks James…

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Don’t feel alone, over the past month I’ve left 2 VM’s, Support site query and email as recommended by James, and… (crickets chirping)

Any inkling yet as to when we might see Powerplay up and running?