P5 Output voltage issue


I got a p5 (running on the latest firmware) and recently I’ve decided to use a multimeter and check the values straight from a power cable running out from the p5.

My P5 is set to 119 V Multiwave, mw strenght 3, phase tune 7, low distortion. It is plugged to an AC outlet at 120.7 V, measured between the Hot & Neutral pins. Readings from Hot & Ground and Neutral & Ground are both 0 V.

The P5 display states incoming voltage of 122 V, 1.9% THD and Voltage out of 119.4 V, 0.1 % THD, 60 Hz.

Readings from the multimeter straight at a power cable termination gives me 120.0 V when measured between the Hot & Neutral, 56.1 V between the Hot & Ground and 34.7 V between the Neutral & Ground.

I have used two multimeters and checked at least one outlet from each bank at the P5.

So, does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


You should check your multimeter settings or it could be defective. Your equipment probably wouldn’t power up at that voltage.

If I am reading your post correctly, the readings at the outlets of the P5 are correct. It is only if you plug in a power cable and measure at the other end of the cable you see a problem. This points to a faulty power cable.