P5 voltage regulation problem


Has anyone had a problem with the voltage regulation with their P5? Have had my P5 for almost 3 yrs, & the mode is always set to voltage regulation as the voltage in my area fluctuates regularly. Initially had it set to 120v & the P5 output this value consistently for over a year. Then it gradually dropped to about 119v, so I raised the regulation to 121v, resulting in an output back to the desired 120v. Now the voltage out is dropping again, so will likely have to raise regulation again, this time to 122v. Is this problem due to component (capacitors?) aging & is it anything to worry about?


Have you installed the new multiwave firmware. It has improved the accuracy of the read out. And if not you could try it Anyway , as it cant hurt .



I’m a P-5 owner and no voltage regulation variance has occurred same as you speck of. My voltage is set at 230 and the P-5 has to manage consistent voltages 238 through 244 volts and I’ve been impressed at the ability of the P-5 maintaining voltage regulation, a good 229.9 to 230.1 volts and my unit is a good three years age