Pair Tannoy Autograph Mini with Sprout100

Hi folks, I wonder if any one has paired Tannoy Autograph Mini with Sprout100 before? I worry I need a little more powerful amplifier to push the Autograph speakers. I don’t have much room in my living room, this is why I like to use Sprout100. If not, I may consider another amplifier. Any inputs will help, thanks!

Hi @evebill8
This is not a direct response to your question. So, please bear with me, thanks.
Once upon a time, I owned a pair of Tannoy Stirling. The walnut cabinet was so attractive, but the dual concentric cones sounded shut-in. I sold them in less than a year. Looking at the Mini, its low frequency response starts at 60Hz, sensitivity is 88 db, and power needs are from 50w upwards. If it were me trying to find speakers for the Sprout 100, I would look for something that starts at 50Hz or less, with a sensitivity of 90 to 95db and power needs from 20w. Rear bass reflex ports and wall proximity should not be a concern as you can always control them with foam bungs . Good luck.

I am using the Tannoy Mercury Vi bookshelf speakers now. It looks like very close to your speaker specs.

BTW, do you have any recommendations for the speakers besides Elac? Don’t get me wrong, Elac is not bad, but I have tried them before, I want to try something new. Thanks!

Hi Bill,
For bookshelf, my positive experience was with Martin Logan XT35. Their light weight pleated tweeters have wide dispersion angle, allowing the listener(s) to move from the sweet spot, yet still have imaging and clarity. Their sensitivity is 92db as opposed to 86db in the mercury. Also, I would look at Harbeth and Spendor. They make great bookshelf monitors. Darren Myers (designer of PS Audio Stellar range) uses Harbeth. Also, for a budget speaker cable, I strongly recommend AQ Rocket 33. In my experience, it sounds better than Rocket 44.


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Serhan, I bought 2 MartinLogin xt35i, and a REL t/7x subwoofer. The ML speakers are louder. It may be the sensitivity is higher. I am using the Audioblast 8 Gauge speaker cables now so I have not changed them to Rocket 33 yet. Even I will not say the sounds are exactly what I am looking for, but I like it. Thanks!

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Congratulations. Their sound will improve as they settle in. In my system it was like 3 weeks of normal use. They have one of the best sound stages for their size. I am not a bi-wire fan, so I connected a single wire to the bass terminals.

And yes, sensitivity is higher. For every 3 db gain in sensitivity, it’s like doubling the power of your amp.

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Just want to share this with you, I forgot to turn on the sub last time, the MLs actually pay okay bass. If I enable the bass boost, they sound good (I might not even need to buy the REL sub). Thanks for your recommendation!


Congratulations again. ML motion series have excellent performance / price ratio.

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