PerfectWave AC-12 vs AC-10 SQ/differences?

I have an AC-12 powering my Stellar P3, but have a chance to get an AC-10 that might fit better in my system. I was wondering, besides the PC gauge between the two, if there is really any performance difference? I’ve looked everywhere without much success in finding comparisons. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Both are AWG 8 and are made of PCOCC Single Crystal Copper. AC-12 is quad shielded, but I cannot confirm that same with AC-10. It seems Music Direct has some AC-10 info:
PS AUDIO - PERFECTWAVE AC-10 | Shop Music Direct

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The biggest structural differences seems to be that AC-12 has conductors with hollow wire. I used to have both–have kept the AC-12; from memory (about seven years back since I’ve had AC-10) the AC-12 was a bit livelier, a bit less “warm.”


Thank you for your answers. It looks like the AC-12 does have braided and foil quad-shields, while the AC-10 has two, according to the box (MD states quad, but I don’t think that is accurate). The AC-12 is 8ga while the AC-10 is 10ga. Other than that, I don’t see much difference at all, though those differences might make up their signatures.

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Thank you for the update. Good to know.

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