Playlist Function On PS Web Site Is PUNK To Say The Least!

jeffstarr said That's cute Elk, but it doesn't answer my question. Why do you/they "appreciate" the feature?
I'm sorry, I see no cuteness in my response. I simply acknowledge the clarity of your mini-rant: for you it is an unimportant feature.

I personally do not care if the display contains album art, although I have played with it as an amusement because it is there. But, as I have stated elsewhere, I do not care for the touchscreen and its loud graphics, and dislike the lit logo. I greatly prefer much simpler displays coupled with dedicated buttons and no extra lights. Thus, my vote would be to dump it all.

I doubt people look at the artwork display for information while listening, although perhaps they do when using a playlist (I never use playlists). I assume its appeal is eye-candy; we are visual creatures. Additionally, ours is an information culture. CD players have displayed CD text for years. We expect displays to contain real-time data.

I use album art on my DS display for useful information often. I have a very large collection and do use playlists. We like having people over, playing music, good food, cocktails and dancing. My playlists are varied and fun. People ask, “who’s that playin?” I don’t always remember. Some of the artists are very obscure. Being a visual person, I look at the DS display, often from across the room, and can usually recall. I could pull out my phone and look at the playlist, but that feels awkward. The display is also a curiosity for my guests. It’s small, not like having a 55" flat screen screaming info, and classy.

Now I get the DMP might be different. I assume I’d be less likely to use playlists but some might.

Amsco15, so you are building playlists in JRiver, does the DS get the meta data from there? Or do you transfer that to PSA’s Playlist?

What you are doing makes sense, I have a half dozen or so myself, but a DAC that just displays source, and resolution. See that I get. And if you burned a playlist, you might want that displayed, although I usually print out compilation covers, as the only reason to take hi-rez downloads or needle drops, and reduce them to CD quality is if they are leaving the premises.

Elk, what was cute was your editing down of my quote. I see you hold grudges. Now my different point of view with questions is a mini rant?

Yes, the album art is embedded within the song file. JRiver pushes the music, album art, and various metadata to the DS. It works perfectly! I’d say it’s at least 99% consistent. Once in a blue moon, the album art won’t display.

jeffstarr said Elk, what was cute was your editing down of my quote.
I did not edit anything.

I quoted the entire first sentence of your post to make clear to what and to whom I was responding. Your entire long post is fully intact and available for anyone to read if they care to do so.

So, any substantive response to my post? It directly addressed your question.

Hi again @jeffstarr

yes i can read the track name from my seat.

I sometimes find it much harder to read the track list or notes included in a booklet in a jewel case. I have a magnifying glass next to my seat just to help for that.

I do keep my list up to date for a couple of reasons, it’s my nature to do so, if I add something that’s not in the “hive” database it might assist someone else, when I finally get to streaming I hope the hive database along with other reference databases will provide album & track info. I don’t want to always be looking at a laptop, tablet or phone screen.

I could easily loose the artwork but if it’s there it’s nice.