My Playlist stopped logging new CDs I played about two weeks ago. As far as I can tell the DMP is connected to the internet. I tried to reboot but that did not help. Any clue?

What to do if I cannot find the track times for a disc I was spinning and my playlist says would you like to update the album to the PS Audio music “hive”?

The disc notes do not contain track times and the entry in ‘discogs’ has all the tracks but no track times. A search on the internet doesn’t reveal anything that I can find.

I like the reminder to makes everything is correct before submitting. So do I leave it out?

Lil’ Buck Sinegal ‎– The Buck Starts Here
NYNO Records ‎– 9612-2
06 Apr 1999
Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Louisiana Blues, Zydeco, Modern Electric Blues, Cajun

Hi @vmak

mine is working, if all the cabling appears fine have you checked online via your computer that your network/router is ‘seeing’ your Dmp? If it does then it might be time to reach out to PS A support.

Hi! When I posted the problem originally, I think there was a connection issue and I fixed that. It then worked for a few weeks. It has stopped again in the last 10 days and my router does see the DMP and assigned it with an IP address. I think this may be one of the many bugs that should be fixed by the new firmware upgrade.

It has been over a month since my last post and my playlist has not been updated since 3rd December 2017. The DMP is seen by the router and it shown it is connected to the internet. Anyone having the same issue?

I have one album recorded as being played in the past month, and that was on 27 December. So I guess it was at least working on that day.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had to reboot the DMP more frequently than normal to maintain a connection to the Playlist but haven’t seen any complete outages. As of last night it was still working and I was able to see new entries in the Playlist, download metadata, and successfully update and download artwork. It does, however, require much more patience and effort than it should to get Playlist and the DMP to talk to each other.

One of the more frustrating behaviors of the Playlist/download process is that if any part of the Playlist entry gets modified, such as simply changing the disc format field, the DMP is compelled to re-download the entire record. This often mangles the copy of the artwork on the player and requires another round of patiently poking and prodding the player to get the artwork reloaded. Unless an element in the Playlist record has actually changed, it should not be updated, especially given the DMP’s slow, flaky download performance.

And speaking of that disc format field: Please either fix it so it takes the entry the first time and actually saves it to the record, modify the data capture process so that the field is completed automatically, or delete the field.

There are a lot of other changes I’d like to see made to Playlist, but just getting what’s already there to work correctly would be wonderful. It really is a great feature and could be made into a very usable database with some modifications.

brodricj said

I have one album recorded as being played in the past month, and that was on 27 December. So I guess it was at least working on that day.

My playlist has not updated since 22 December…despite rebooting and power cycling my DMP. The DMP acknowledges internet connectivity so I suspecting the server.

Moments ago I briefly played to CDs I have not played before. Both were quickly recognized and album information downloaded. Artwork was downloaded for only one (a Bill Evans recording). The other is a highly regarded classical recording (Bach’s Goldberg Variations, performed by Simone Dinnerstein - it has been out for ten years) but, as usual, classical is not treated as well as other genres.

I uploaded with cover art for the Bach with no issue and it now appears as it should.

My playlist is now working. Rebooting my DMP was not enough. I powercycled my DMP, my router, Sonos Connect and Sonos Boost (that gets the dedicated subnet to my stereo)…and now it works. Listen and learn…

Good news.

Got some new CDs for Christmas and finally got a chance to listen today. I went to add them to my playlist and it says “Playlist functionality not currently available” on the website. I don’t see any mention of server maintenance anywhere on the site. Perhaps I’m missing it.

^ So, it was you who broke it. I’m relieved as usually it is my fault Playlist is broken.

I was going to upload a new picture as artwork, but since someone broke Playlist, I’ll just post it here:

Pogonip on US 395

In another thread Cover Art/Playlist in post #31 & #34 Kevin and Paul said they are looking at the problems being reported so I assume they have temporarily removed the function.

This morning (for me, Downunder) I looked at the entries in my Playlist and I notice that the time stamp for “Last Played” is wrong. The date is correct but the time appears to be 11hrs too early. The Current Time Zone is displaying correctly so does anyone know what might be wrong? You can see what I mean in the picture - I played the CD last night not at 11am.


New feature: my playlist displays the SACDs I play but not the CDs even though the player is successfully downloading metadata and artwork for discs I haven’t previously played in it.

My Playlist is still not listing any CDs played and hasn’t since January 28th.

I just loaded a new CD that I had never played before (Steely Dan - Can’t Buy a Thrill) and the song list and cover art downloaded, and it shows up in my play list.

NOTE: My power company installed a new smart meter yesterday, so everything was powered down and restarted.

My playlist is working well now, if a bit slow. Like Bill above, I’ve had reason to power everything down/up lately.

Bill Stanwick said

I just loaded a new CD that I had never played before (Steely Dan - Can’t Buy a Thrill) and the song list and cover art downloaded, and it shows up in my play list.

How weird. SACDs show up in my playlist just fine. The issue appears to be confined to CDs. I had written that no CDs were showing up, but this isn’t true - only some CDs aren’t appearing in the list. The metadata and artwork download still works as before, but some CDs, whether it’s one I’ve played before and previously appeared in My Playlist or one that I’ve never played before, will not show up in the list. Rebooting the DMP doesn’t change it.