Playlist not working

Anyone else having issues with Playlist today? I cannot get into it get the message error and no cover art or tracklist info displaying. I wish that the DMP would not have to query the server before reading the information stored on the sd card. Once the info is in place you should not have to need internet connectivity for that to work. With the PWT that is how it worked. Without this functionality I feel like I am using a PST.

I can’t login to it on the website.

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Our website?

When I login and click on playlist I get the word “error”

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I called PS Audio and Mark advised me that they are aware of the issue and they will address it.

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I spoke with Mark earlier before i put up the post. I wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issue. Thankfully by the responses I got it is not only me! Mark said he would refer it to Barry. Seems like the server has an issue.

Not the website Paul just the playlist. When you click on it you get error.

That’s more than I am. :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ll double check.

Yeah, just tested and I get an error message as well.

Our webmaster is on it. Should be fixed shortly.

The situation has evolved with the playlist issue. I now can go on the site and see what I played 4 days ago but nothing since. My DMP is not currently displaying cover art or track list since the problem popped up. I am going to experiment and load 3.14 into the DMP to see if anything changes. I will revert to 3.15 after the test. I will report back if it had any affect. Isn’t it ironic how PowerPlay just came on line and now this server issue crops up.

Same here.

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I did the firmware swap and it did not fix anything. I am back to 3.15 and I double checked that cover art is enabled. It seems to be on the server end.

I am getting nothing as well. It was working on 10/12.

I checked the DMP before I went to bed last night and the track info and cover art is up and working again. Thank you guys for taking care of the issue!

Sweet, glad it got sorted quickly.

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Anyone else notice that since Powerplay has come on line that when you log into your playlist that the cover art is very slow to load and very inconsistent! It seems the increased bandwidth has severely slowed down the response due to all the power plants from around the world communicating with that server! It seem PS Audio will need to increase the size of the pipe that connects them to the internet! This makes it difficult when you program another disk into the system. You are unable to verify at your computer if you have successfully uploaded the Cover Art.

I just checked with engineering and there is no commonality in the two servers. They are completely different, not even on the same machine.

That said, we are looking into why it seems slower. Just letting you know the two are unrelated (though, good guess).

Thank you Paul for bring this up to the engineers. I thought that the two would be handled by different servers. My concern is that they share the same back bone to the internet. It used to be when I went to my playlist I would get a page showing all I have been playing with a full display of the cover art for each album. Now I only get one or two that show the cover art. I have even tried to leave the page up to see if it fills in given time and I do not see that occurring. As I mentioned the biggest issue is when I go to program an album that I have not before and I add the cover art, I than cannot see whether It uploaded successfully. If I go to the DMP and reinsert the disk the cover art does show up there.

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