Please be safe in Boulder, CO

2 years ago, my daughter and I were in the USA for 3 weeks. We were on the East Coast and West Coast. We traveled by train, airplanes and car. We traveled over 3,000 miles by car from Los Angeles through Montana (and other states) to Chicago. It was great. The USA fascinates me, but today’s news scares and saddens me.
My thoughts are with You, with every good person.

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By tipping event, do you mean the one where we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, or the first shot of Civil War II?

I’m being intentionally provocative, but it is a bit raw around here this morning. It does seem this was just one nut with a weapon, and sadly I don’t see any way of protecting everyone from that, short of a State that I wouldn’t want to live in.

Considering the massive heavily armed presence during the situation and the fact that he shot a cop and nine other people, it is both surprising the guy is still alive, and a testament to the restraint of the law enforcement response.


Neither. By tipping event, I mean will it result in widespread meaningful change, like the George Floyd case did on another issue, or will it be just another event soon forgotten by the country at large. How we eventually arrive at that meaningful change, I can’t predict (although I guess I kinda attempted to with the Edit in the post above).

Happy to hear everyone on at PS is safe from harm. Thank you for the update. Thoughts and prayers to your community.

God bless Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley who was the first on the scene and ran into danger to save lives without hesitation putting his own life at risk. With all the bad you hear or read about Police Officers this man was no doubt one of the good ones! Heart wrenching to read about this hero and what he leaves behind. He has a masters in computer science yet he chose a path to help people in a different way.

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My thoughts and best wishes are with PSA and everyone in Boulder. Unfortunately, I also doubt it will result in any change.

Paul, if we didn’t do anything about about this when a classroom full of first graders were slaughtered, I doubt we’ll ever see a change in the gun control laws.


I am quite grateful we have the civil rights of gun ownership. Unfortunately, there are those that threaten those civil rights through violent illegal acts, and unfortunately there are those that will try and push their anti civil rights agenda because of those violent acts.

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I love the optimism and wish I shared it with you. If kids in Sandy Hook and the Vegas assault didn’t pull enough heart strings to at least ban assault weapons, but instead prompted a call for the arming of teachers, then I fear there’s no hope within my lifetime.

Where is it safe?


What I’m saying is that if those happened today, instead of when they did, those minimal changes at least would happen. Maybe more. All about timing. Sucks that that is the way it is, but that is the way it is.

I think change is close. Common sense change as they say. Way to widely supported to eventually not happen.

On mental health, those challenges are global. Not confined to US. Crazy nuts everywhere. But massacres don’t happen everywhere with frequency they do here.

Define meaningful change and then look at what actually gets discussed. The problem becomes the vast majority of gun control legislation offered in Congress are basically feel good measures and does not even come remotely close to resolving the problem.

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If our founding fathers were writing the constitution today there’s not a chance in hell they’d let every person own a gun, let alone an assault style weapon.

I too enjoy our freedom but when gun violence becomes the norm on a daily basis—more than a magnitude greater than any other industrialized country on the planet—someone needs the balls to stand up and say “enough”.

What possible rights to own an assault weapon could possibly be more important than might right to live in a safe society?



Ok, let’s start small.

Banning military assault rifles for civilian use, so that a cop with a handgun is not a sitting duck against an AR15.

Full background checks that can’t be end-rounded, and getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

That would be meaningful change, and is supported by a wide majority of American people.


anti civil rights agenda?

I know a thread like this is always in danger of going off the rails, but when we talk about civil rights and guns, all I can think of is that there are those out there who are more invested in restricting the right to vote than they are in restricting the purchase of assault weapons.

Like the Onion headline, after every mass shooting:

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens


And yet, those that call for banning assault weapons really don’t even possess an understanding of what those are. In reality, they are firearms that resemble military weapons, but are defined by features that are mostly cosmetic and have no relationship to the lethality of the firearm. These firearms have been in public hands for over a hundred years (and for much of that time could be purchased at a hardware store). The truth Is, these firearms are involved in a very small percentage of homicides. Calls for banning them are purely politically motivated, not motivated by enlightenment.

Speaking of what our forefathers would write today for a constitution is both speculative to satisfy one’s political leanings (there’s no basis to support that claim), and also brings into question what other issues we have today our forefathers might question.

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I can’t speak for everyone here and I don’t know what you see or read in your local news. But I live a hour north of Chicago and about 30 minutes from Schaumburg were Axpona is held and every night on the news it’s about shootings here. Every weekend multiple people shot and killed 24 shot and 4 killed this pat weekend. The city with the toughest gun laws in the country and this is what we hear about constantly. It makes no sense to me how it happens on a daily basis. Not a mass shooting in a public store but definitely more deadly over time and it’s become like the weather, sports, and COVID just daily life in the city. Extremely sad and disturbing this lack of respect for human life…


Thoughts and prayers going out to Boulder. God help America and God bless the Police Chief in Boulder. Wish we all had a Police Chief like her!


Those definitions could be worked out.

Here’s the thing. We have the greatest, most amazing system of government anywhere in the world. The Constitution, and the way the Courts interpret it over time and fill in the gaps, are the envy of the entire world. The three co-equal branches tied together by the Constitution and the way the legal system has interpreted oh these last nearly 250 years, yeah, it kinda works.

Realize that during most of your lifetimes (not mine, cause I’m younger than most of you, haha) interracial marriage was illegal in parts of the US - didn’t get legalized until Loving v. Virginia in 1967.
The US system of laws and government is of course not perfect, but it works pretty darn well, if unfortunately not very quickly. It’s all about timing. Eventually, we’ll get it right.

I’m not super political but I am an attorney and familiar enough with the Constitutional/legal/governmental processes, and have great respect for how it was conceived, implemented, and how it has endured. It is really quite a fascinating and brilliant organization of governance. So flexible and able to evolve when needed, but not so easily as to become overrun.

Okay, again I’ve probably overstepped as I am too often wont to do, so backing out here now (hopefully)

I couldn’t agree more. Oh well, plenty else to love about our country. Just not this. Sadly, I need to go to the grocery store today. Ain’t that something? Afraid to go to the store for fear of being shot.


There are no automatic military assault rifles legally sold to in the United States to civilians. Some like the AR-15 look like them, but they are not. There are literally millions of semi-automatic handguns and rifles in the United States today. Banning the sale of new ones is a feel good talk and will not solve the problem. In fact, it was tried before and it did not work, so the ban was ended.

We do extensive federal background checks now. What slips though the cracks are mental health issues and that is another hot topic issue over privacy. The bottom line literally millions of Americans have purchase guns legally.

All of these feel good measures have been debated for years. When you back test proposed legislation it always comes down to it would not have stopped the vast majority of mass killings.


Well said.