Plug in power line enhances

Hum killing seems to be another area that falls in the “depends on the synergy” category. I was looking at Shunyata’s offerings last night. I’d need at least 8-10 outlets, preferably 12. Their 12 outlets units are the Hydra Sigma and Alpha. Heck of a lot lighter than the competition.

My 60/120 Hz hum starts low and isn’t apparently audible when something is playing. When nothing is, however, I’ve noticed that it does go up with the (preamp) volume.

Thanks Donald, I’m postponing fine tuning tweaks on P15, awaiting the DC Blocker. Then I’ll try for sure both plug damping and rings.

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And now another issue. The P15 stays with the plug images on the screen completely red. So the outlets don’t work. I tried a few power cycles OFF/ON unplugging for an hour the power cord, without success. It seems frozen on this status and if I press the blue logo button on the front panel, no changes.

@jamesh, I’ve just sent to Steve an email. Mmm this unit in not my friend indeed!