Power Port AND going direct to wall - MAKES A DIFFERENCE

So, I’ve been using a good powerbar with some conditioning from APC, which was designed for home theater back in the day (10yrs old), I had my Amp hooked up to its high current outlet and into regular wall outlet. At Axpona I bought a PS Audio Powerport, just so I try, NEVER got around doing it until now.

So, my electrician was here for another job, asked him to do this and he did. Then I plugged my Amp DIRECTLY into the outlet. Tried it and it works fine, and forgot about it.

Then over the next few days, I realized, WTF, how come things sound so good, it’s a dual TV 5.1 system, plus 2.1 Stereo and then realized, oh that’s the change I just made. The sound is 100% improved, it has more bottom end, and more notably imaging has improved and midrange and highs are better distinguished… I am very impressed.

Amp is a Classe A/B which I believe pulls more current than Class-D stuff. My receiver is still plugged into powerbar and I didn’t notice much difference there, it’s Class D.

Not all outlets are the same. Another good one is from Furutech. They use gold or Rhodium plated copper with ceramic and carbon particle damping in the body for an outstanding sounding outlet for only $70-$120. Depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Connections can really affect sound quality as a lot of us found out.

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