Practical modern design?

So this is most of my audio and AV. Out of sight are the turntable, speakers, TV and soundbar.

So there is an audio player, next shelf down is a Sky satellite box, ASUS access point and external power for the ASUS. Under that is an Aries Mini 1TB SSD server/streamer also with external power hidden behind it, and a DVD/CD/BluRay player that gets used twice a year.

The Sky box has a 6" optical to the player, the Aries has usb, the DVD digital coaxial, but most music is sent wirelessly about 4" from the access point to the player.

I have a P3, using the regenerated outputs for the audio system, the streamer and the router. They probably draw 50w in total. Everything else comes off a block attached to the conditioned output.

The fact is regenerators are not that common over here in the UK, in that not many people mention them, but they do get used quite a lot by computer audio types who often use equipment like mine that may benefit from clean power, but needs lots of sockets but really very little power at all. Bear in mind the P12 is $6,500 (£5,000).

So how about a regenerator suited more to digital rather that traditional grunt systems?

(Note the P3 is in backwards as not all of us can access our audio from the rear, and UK versions have to be raised up on a plinth as UK plug cables go downwards, not straight out like in the US.

When we launch the Stellar 300 Power Plant I think it’ll more closely match what you’re after. Hopefully early 2019.

Thanks Paul, that should be an interesting proposition!

Listening to some music now, quite loud, it’s drawing 63.4 watts. Not exactly stressing the unit to the max.
(Some very nice French Canadian blues with cello and harmonica and great vocals)