*Problem* BridgeII 3.4.5 / MConnect / Tidal

I think there is a problem getting Tidal to play through MConnect on BridgeII 3.4.5. (Running RedCloud) Worked before upgrade. While on 3.4.5 I can stream from Minim Server (through MConnect) to BridgeII, so MConnect obviously see and recognizes it,… It has just lost Tidal capability, regardless of format, (ie, MQA or standard)… I have logged out and back into tidal,… reset router, etc,… No Luck,…

Can someone else please test this functionality and report back here?


Can confirm no issues for me streaming Tidal to BridgeII from MControl or Bubbleupnp.

No problem me either from mcontrolHD

Thanks fellas,… was finally able to get it working after a complete router/dac reboot,… I have however noticed it seems to loose connectivity sometimes if I am switching between Spotify and MConnect… Not sure, possibly network related and not Bridge…