Problems with forum after website upgrade

If you have not signed out prior to web change…don’t …

As for me can’t view unless I use disqus…which I d not like!!

Best wishes

I will NOT use Disqus.

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I replaced the power cord and things picked up considerably. Rotating the fuse 180 degrees produced increased latency and timbral shift.


what cleaner or abrasive pad would enhance SQ even more?

And now to return to the original issue involving lonson and magister.

Mail tester scores the PS Audio site as 10/10 and the IP reputation is good.

The problem is not with the forum, but rather with Yahoo. While a user may not have an explicit Yahoo address, Yahoo provides communication services for various IPs. For example, Verizon owns Yahoo and its emails go through Yahoo. Both Magister and Lonson have address whch are not Yahoo addresses but are routed through Yahoo.

This is why some are not receiving emails or emails are very slow from the system.

Anyway, both of you have created secondary accounts with other email addresses. If you want we can merge the two accounts into one (lonson into Lonson1 and magister into magister1) so that the primary email is the working one.


Magic Eraser, wipes all traces clean.


I agree that yahoo would be the culprit. I have been getting some mail very late, some not at all, and for a few days no access to my email at all intermittently. Seems better yesterday and today, but I still have not received the last email you sent.

If you would like to combine the accounts, that is certainly fine with me.

Scotty : Aye, sir. The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain .

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All is well again. Reset passwords were going to xfinity spam for some reason. The messages above made me think to log into xfinity and see what’s up. Reset the password to the same as before and all is as before. Sorry to bug you for nothing mr. elk…thanks.


Your outreach was a success! FINALLY your email reached my Spam folder and the link had not expired and I was able to change my password and get in. So the OG lonson is back, fully restored.

THANK YOU. I was okay being Lonson1 but it’s nice being lonson again.

(This is the only place I’m Lonson. It’s a family name that went from uncle to nephew a few generations, then skipped one, and I got it. It was obviously intended as “son of Lon” but I finally found that “Lon” in Gaelic is “strong, or fierce.” So I’m the Strong Son of Armstrong. Sigh, I can never be puny. I moved to Lon as soon and as often as I could because when I went by Lonson. . . in the fourth grade my teacher continually called me Alonzo. That puzzled me for a long time til I learned that “Lonny” or “Lonnie” is most often a nickname for Alonzo, and many of my classmates called me that. In general many were confused by Lonson so I became Lon as completely and often as I could.)


Great news!

Thank you for letting us know. :slight_smile:

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Great story

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Not at all, you did not bug me. I am happy to help.

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Thanks, Elk. I would like to have my original username (magister) back, if that not difficult. If it turns out to be a real pain, I can certainly live with magister1.

All set.


Hi, Terrance

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately my influence is limited to the forum. The issues you are having relate to the PS Audio website, not the forum.

I suggest contacting He can contact the correct people to give you a hand.

Take a look at the back of the box, there’s a notice that the State of California is warning data wiping may cause cancer …

Just a remark on yahoo email. When I set up this new account “terrence2” minutes ago, I use my yahoo email, but the new accounts activation email never arrive, not even in spam folder. (Requested the account activation email twice). Once I change to my gmail, the activation email arrives immediately.


Go to the website and log out and log back in. Then sign up for everything again. Worked for me. Make sure you use same UN and PW.

Thanks, it works

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