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Sounds like it was a great show!

No dates down here I’m afraid.

I think I preferred their last show simply because I prefer the earlier and later stuff (Seconds Out is my standard, dodgy sound quality aside) to Lamb as a whole. But it REALLY helped me better understand the Lamb story seeing it performed. The Lamia in particular.

Anyhow. Great night. One I will remember for years. Like I said, my concert buddy is in Rome with his family on a long-planned pilgrimage and missed the show. I think I got the better deal.

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So, did a long overdue soundroom session, and I gotta resubmit - Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound - Title track - been a favorite since thirteen seconds after I bought it, what a masterpiece. Rick Davies and David Gilmour…together… C’mon. The music biz has not provided us with many golden tidbits like this. A bit lacking in the upper frequencies mix but outstanding bottom end. A seditiously underrated track.


Just returned from Montreal, after an epic Marillion-Weekend, musically and socially. Top-notch musicianship, yet even more importantly, a weekend imbued with a sense of emotional and moral integrity, decency, and intimacy.

Below are several photos.

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Awesome… That looks delightful. My favorite prog band.
I am SO jealous. 1986 was the last and only time Marillion hit the westcoast of Canada. (AFAIK)
C’mon boys… GET here!

did the play AHBID?

Yes. On the 2nd night (out of three).

Captivating performance. Also, SQ was much better than AHBID’s Blu-ray…

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I don’t enjoy AHBID on my system but its great on my IEM and in the cars. A shame because i think its a fantastic album.

Indeed, similar experience here.

That’s one of the characteristics with revealing systems, they’re ‘truthful’ to the source.

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