Prog Rock fans

What a masterpiece!!!

It is cool! But my favorite is still The Raven. Have seen SW live 4 times, always a great show

Early morning classics!

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I’m still stuck on this album - Facade which segues delightfully with my aforementioned Seize The Day.
Wav purchasable from Bandcamp.
Can listen here:

Facade - 7/8 time which fades into Seize The Day in 6/8 (mostly) time.

7/8 is just the best - a most captivating time signature. (Zeppelin -The Ocean, La Villa Strangiato & Tom Sawyer, Trains - PT, Heart Of Lothian - Marillion)
6/8 has that wrought angst troubled feel to it. (House Of The Rising Sun, Nothing Else Matters (Metallica), Buckley’s Hallelujah, Norwegian Wood, Scarborough Fair, Joel’s She’s Always A Woman, Let Me Roll It, Unchained Melody, Drive In Drive Out (DMB), Easter (Marillion)
Love it.

And Overlords which has that Rock-Opera sound.
Empty Space is good too - reminds me of KNWR (An 80s Bellingham automated Radio Station) yacht rock sound.

Or are these 7/4 and 6/4 times…? Or is it 12/8 or 12/4…?
Any drummers out there that can fill my empty head with knowledge? :drum: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Because Solsbury Hill is apparently 7/4 - I always thought it was 7/8… and is Turn It On Again 13/8 or 7/8 followed by 6/8…?
Where’s Mike Portnoy when ya need him…?
I’m gonna need a beer AND a Scotch…

Yor 6/8 examples are in 3/4. (Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is in 12/8, Always a Woman 6/8 and 9/8.)

For 6/8 think marches (not all marches are in 6/8, but thet are almost always in duple time). For a 6/8 march The Liberty Bell is good example which most know (the Monty Python theme).

I do not know any of your 7/8 examples.

Can I not have one forum without your unwanted input?

Can I not have one forum without your unwanted input?

I just listened to these examples.

Solsbury Hill is 7/4 (an example of a complex meter), or alternating between 4/4 and 3/4. It could be written in 7/8 but the rhythms are already complex to notate in 7/4. If in 7/8 there would be a lot of 32nd notes which gets exhausting to read.

Turn It On Again a good deal of 4/4, but with sections alternating 7/4 and 6/4.

I hope this helps.

No offense intended.

I’m betting you’ve seen this before, but just in case…
Govan is an absolute guitar gawwd…as is Marco on drums, but I wish they’d included Adam’s scorching preceding key solo in the video…
Who were the musicians with SW when you saw the shows?
(Insert envy font…)

I listened to it daily this week!

I guess im getting my $0.40 from the government. Ha ha ha

I have and also saw it live!

I made a recording on this track on my system months ago. Furniture has moved around since.


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Nice! And your room is absolutely stunning. I start my new dedicated soundroom in the spring after I get moved into my new house. The old house is wayyy beyond done… Since I quit vinyl as soon as digital came out, and I still have 2500 odd albums, I was thinking about pasting the walls with album jackets & vinyl on the ceiling. Gotta do something with all that great album artwork! Going 24ft X 16, non parallel inner walls, sound deadened and windowless. Well…that is depending on how the new house budget pans out… :disappointed_relieved:
Freedom (retirement) 105 baby! :woozy_face:

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I am sorry to have offended/upset you. :worried:

I am at a loss as to how my post was inappropriate. I sent you a PM asking you to let me know what the issue is to which you have not responded.

We assume when someone posts a question publicly they are seeking an answer. I answered a number of questions you propounded directly and factually. I do not understand how this is “unwanted,” especially when no one else has responded. :slight_smile:

Please send me a quick PM and let me know what in my post upset you.


Yes, sorry, thank you for the figures.

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Happy upcoming retirement!

If you need some ideas, mine is 14 W 27 L and 11 H. I had to add a window per code. 3 of the walls and the ceiling are poured concrete with spray on foam then drywall. The internal wall is a complete double wall filled with blown insulation (there is a metal stud wall filled with blown insulation, 2" space also filled with blown insulation, and then another metal stud wall filled with insulation). The door jamb is quite wide. Door is solid core. Floor is poured concrete with 3/4 marine plywood screwed on, then a thick carpet with double padding.

The treatments are by Seven Audio in Poland (I’m in Florida). Superb service, price and finish.

Now, the 3rd single:

Wow! I’ve always said - anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing… :expressionless:
It sounds like a extraordinary project. Did you take construction photos? The end result is anything but superb, but the story behind such endeavors is fascinating epic waterjug story telling for us audiogeeks. I’d love to park my keester in there for a few hours… Mine will be juuust slightly above ordinary. On a budget. I have a neighbor ex-house builder who has been telling me about some ‘floating wall’ sound proofing system he wants to build and I’ve been taking notes from Robert Harley’s listening room construction videos. The room treatments aspect all seems like a where do I begin and where do I end mystery. Probably won’t be til spring now so I have some rough planning time. (Gotta get the house in first…) I am also in the middle of 5 acres so the deadening level doesn’t have to be 100%. I’ve walked around my house with my current setup with twin subs at a healthy level and was quite astounded at the lack of sound emitted. Likely due to the fact that my old wavering decrepit house is merely absorbing a vast amount of the frequencies… :crazy_face:

Retirement… pffft, :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ll retire at noon - the day of my funeral. Just dig a hole & throw the gold watch on my wrinkled aged corpse. :rofl:

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Cheers buddy!

Same thing here. Retire. Nah….

I have photos (somewhere) which I will find.

My main concern was keeping all the frequencies inside the room and then taming modes and reflections. If I didn’t have the huge TV screen life would be easier.

Concrete was a choice for safety since I’m in a hurricane prone zone and I work on disasters so the house is a bunker. The (positive) side effects are that concrete is energy and sound friendly!

I’ll dig for pics and info when I get back home next week. Some info:

Rear wall.

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