Prog Rock fans

They’re excellent, both TPT and Soord’s solo artistry (e.g., Soord Sessions). Gavin, well, a ‘Ballerina’ in the drums. Pleasure to listen and watch.

I have tickets to see them in Nashville soon, in hope risk levels finally subside, allowing some Meaning to complement this prolonged Survival mode of living.


For newer material I’ll give a nod to The Claypool Lennon Delrium. Very trippy-psychedelicish. Features Les Claypool of Primus fame Sean Lennon of Yoko Ono fame.


Porcupine Tree (Wilson, Harrison, Barbieri ) will be releasing their in-the-making ‘Closure/Continuation’ album in June 2022.

“Harridan” is their 1st single in over 12-years. A Paradigmatic (and wonderful) PT song.


Yeah I preordered the fancy-pants Deluxe CD/BR of Closure/Continuation too. Harridan is indeed a great song. Hopefully the remainder of the album lives up to the bar set by that first single!

Been Cracking the Sky for about 3 days now, - good stuff! :ok_hand:
Brought out the old Altec Valencias & Rotel RA1412.
Sometimes working alone is a good thing.


I think Procol qualifies although I’m such an old fart I didn’t even know about this genre until about 12 years ago when a much younger engineering colleague pointed this out. All I know is that I still love this band after many decades.



What a great track. (Hadn’t heard it yet…there’s just so much prog out there. I’m surprised I haven’t heard it on Morow or 100%Progressive Rock - my 2 go-to radio stations) Starting in 5/4 time - I love complex changing time signatures. Gavin is outstanding.
Here’s another great off tempo track that masters the great progression of shifting from to major to minor of the same chord. Superb chamber-like gothic keyboard solo as well.

I have NEVER been able to count out what half the time signatures of this one are. Great tune indeed. The verses are 7/8, the rest…? And skilled drummer/musicians out there?


From a source I trust.

Someone needs to record Gus Skinas’ Modular Moog onto DSD with just a Drummer and a Bass Player (Ok a Guitarist wouldn’t hurt - but Sparingly :grin:

I’ve seen the YT footage of this years Tour with Phil’s Son on Drums. Great stuff but honestly, I passed cause I only ever wanted see the original lineup while we are all still on the Earth.

That was supposed to be the 2007 Tour to which I bought Tix and then found out it’s the Trio with Daryl & Chester. A great show none the less in Toronto in '92 & '07. When Mike Rutherford hit the Bass Pedals during Firth of Fifth, the fresh Concrete of BCE Place shook to its core !

Thanks for that! Gary Numan?? I gotta check that out… Heard the Downes Braide, and the Frost* is superb. The cd comes with a 2nd cd that has all the tracks in instrumental version. A great idea! And yes, the first track is fantastic. I tried the styx but really didn’t get past the first track - just sounded like dated styx. I’ll give it another chance. I used to follow Jerry Lucky’s prog review site but he pulled the plug a couple years ago.


I highly recommend Airbag, well-representing Norwegian prog rock. They’re excellent, both music and emphasis on quality of recordings. Additionally, Bjorn Riis, their lead-guitarist and main songwriter, has several well-conceptualized solo albums.

Here’s the link to Airbag’s most recent release - ‘A Day in the Studio’ - Acoustic rendering of several of their previous songs. Very special, and you can get it on DVD/CD combo.

Bjorn’s new album will be released in April. His first release is quite evocative, music and visuals:

Yup, a very melodic soothing symphonic group and solo act! Anecdotally speaking, a few of my prog-head buddies say that their prog hating wives tend to like Airbag.

PRSOTD (Prog rock song of the day)
Another great band you’ve maybe never heard of - Clepsydra (Switzerland) Similar to Marillion, Pendragon, IQ. Vocals have a fairly heavy accent, musically superb. This track is one of their best. Great string bending guitar riff and outro. And as great prog songs should be, nine minutes long!

I love the prog rock from the '60s and '70s. Today’s prog rock? No, not really…