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The LanRover is not on the list!?!? :blush:

Then just 2 (DSJ and DMP).

Bolder in Boulder :wink:


I have 7 if we count BHK 300s as 2. Would be 8 but I sold my Sprout in anticipation of Strata.

We have a winner!!

3 for me, 4 if you count a pair of M700’s as 2, SGCD, Sprout100. Considering adding a Strata as an upgrade to Sprout system but it’s up to wife as it’s in her office

Nine. Powerbase, P5, P10, BHK300s, BHKpre, NuWave Phono, DSD-DAC Sr, DMP.


New high score :grin:

The Powerbase, P5, P10, Nuwave phono are not in the stack, they don’t count!

I’ve got P20, Bhk pre, BHK 300s, DMP, DSD.

I have 10. What do I win?

What’s behind door number 1

Everyone has been listing all the PS Audio equipment in their comments, myself included.

I have 6 of them…all but the P12…

Just messin’ around.

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9 BHK Pre, DMP, P5, DS Sr, M700 X 2, Darren’s Stellar Phono Pre, Dectet, and their fancy wall plug. I may be stretching it including the Dectet and wall outlet/plug. :blush:

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My sincerest congratulations.


Awww, it was nothin. :wink:

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2 P10, 2 BHK250s, 4 Direcstream Snrs (3 plus a spare), a GCPH and several AC5s.

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We might just have a new leader!

Oh, right. Dectet and power cables. Guess I orta count them, too…

Shoot. Now I have to start over. . . . .