PS Audio AirLens

Thanks, true Innuos servers stream well thru usb, Airlens may be redundant, unless you want to utilize a short high quality rj45 Ethernet cable into the Airlens from the dedicated Ethernet out port of an Innuos. Eliminates usb from the chain utilizing the galvanic iso ethernet between server and Airlens, which i am guessing is going to be the advantage to adding an Airlens. Added advantage is the Sense app if the Airlens can be used this way.

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Having the Phoenix USB Reclocker the ethernet notion honestly doesn’t interest me. I’d like to give a Grimm MU1 a go at some point.

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I’ve read rumor of a MU2 currently under development.


I’m with you, the Grimm is worth aspiring to. Looking forward to A/B comparison between server/usb/DSD vs Ethernet/ Airlens/I2s/DSD.

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Reference, please.

I teased it out of the Computer Audiophile thread discussing the MU1. It sounds like MU2 will have a DAC.


At first glance to the rear of the Grimm MU1, I’d be inclined to utilize the double AES/EBU into the double AES/EBU of the new DSD MkII ? Close to $20K upgrade + cables. I’m routing my train of thought to the preferred use of the Airlens upfront. For many it will be a Roon endpoint. With ethernet in only, it would be interesting to hear some thoughts on the path to fully utilizing the Airlens as intended for best SQ be it from the router or server.

Whenever AirLens is released, I will jump on the bandwagon. Price seems to be right and I think this might be exactly what I’m looking for. Until then, I really enjoy my Stack Link II; definitely an improvement over Nucleus+ (which is still used as the core) to Matrix SPDIF/2 (no longer in use, so I will sell it) to the DSS.


There doesn’t seem to be a single place to read about all the features of the AirLens so I apologize if this is covered somewhere. When streaming Tidal, will I still have to use MConnect or will Tidal “see” Airlens on my network so that I can control Tidal directly from my iPad?

The latter will be true.; that much I know.

yeah, it would be cool if there was a “coming soon” product page for it

A few weeks ago I attempted to post everything I could find:


Airplay 2 is the current airplay for apple devices. Auralic only works with apple devices for control. iPhone or iPad.

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I believe previous posts suggested AirLens input will be Ethernet, outputs will be I2s (preferred handshake to DSD mkII) and Coax. Galvanic isolation in and out. no need for USB

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It would be very helpful to hear from PS Audio that they are working to get the AirLens onto the Tidal Connect supported devices webpage: Supported Devices | TIDAL . And whether that is only via Apple devices or also via Android devices running the Tidal Connect app.

Nope and there won’t be until we get closer to launch. In days past I was more than willing to share development details as they emerged. Over time and as those details morphed (as they do in the process) our community started getting angry with me. It got old. I am unwilling to endure all the barbs and venting of the community for sharing with them the development process.

So, we wait now until a product is developed and nearing completion. We get small teasers and answers to questions as best I can with the information at hand.

I am trying to do my best.


A smart decision and a good balanced approach. :+1:


And…its a real shame, Paul.

I appreciate the openness you have demonstrated in the past and have always tried to consume the information you provide keeping in mind how far along I believed you were in the R&D, fabrication, shake out and manufacturing stages. Others, not so much. :smirk:

Giving most here the benefit of the doubt, if I may be so bold, I think you should consider much of the angst as a form of praise. Folks are invested in PSA Audio and keen to see if your next great idea is something they can enjoy. In the end, all the “whining” and second-guessing is because they care. You should take some pride in that (eternal optimist that I sense you are).

OTOH, the lack of discernment, civility and patience on some accounts can be breathtaking.

“All you can do is all you can do. But all you can do is enough”.

                - Art Williams

Best regards,



totally get that.

But would be good to have a central location with real, vetted info (such as what you’ve provided), vs a long and crooked thread packed with speculation and misinformation! :+1:

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Attaboy. No sense in feeding the trolls.

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