PS Audio AirLens

That’s the thing…

I suspect plans and features are actually in enough flux at the moment that as soon as PSA provides such a “coming soon” product page with ANY significant details, enough folks will whine about the preliminaries and have a fit if the final product differs in any material way, PSA would come to regret* posting the preliminaries. :man_shrugging:

That said, I actually think such a page is a great idea. But, it is a matter of timing and level of details. IOW, what can be definitively said about the product and what cannot; and when does a design or performance feature become set?


*I perceive one of Paul’s Virtues/Vices to be that he pays too much attention to what the “peanut gallery” has to say. :grinning:

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I’m under the impression that the airlens will be on the same size as sprout witch I think is perfect. just what I heard through the grapevine.


It’s not the same size as Sprout. It’s bigger and in a different chassis. But, you’re right it is (let’s say) a half size chassis. It’ll look something like this photo (but not exactly).



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Hi @Paul

thank you for the image and your effort/patience keeping open a direct dialog with us. I find this a fundamental characteristic of PS Audio I love compared to any other brand. My totally appreciation for that.

If I may share here my opinion, with great humility and as a future buyer of this (and other PS Audio) product: here on the forum since last year I read a few posts about the new AirLens shape assuming it will have a perfectwave HALF SIZE chassis.

I was organizing the rack room expecting an half size shape whit front/back panel on the short side (vertically not horizontally).

Something similar to the Nuwave


This vertically shape may save room on the shelf really benefiting of an half size chassis. On the contrary an horizontally shape (as shown on your photo) takes the same shelf room of an entire perfectwave chassis, even with more difficult access to cables.

Am I wrong? Thank you.

Is there a reason for an half size chassis I cannot understand? Eventually related to a role of the AirLen as a perfect mate of the DS DAC MKII? I imagine the same hight size of other perfectwave chassis, hence my doubts.


Wow! Now this is exciting Paul. Love the looks of this. Thank you for sharing and hope it stays on track to look similar.:sunglasses:


Happy Cake Day @msaladino22 !


Cool looking chassis

Ah, you can teach an Old Dog new tricks. :roll_eyes:

Nice! Will there be a silver and black edition?

It looks kinda like Cambridge Edge components, which is a good look

Thanks for bringing this point up. I was thinking the exact same thing.


Paul has been very forthcoming with design elements on the AirLens as they become finalized, all one has to do is “read the thread”. :+1: :pray:

Yes, I believe that is the current decision we’re going with.


I’m confused.

Don’t products like the Sonore opticalRendu provide complete isolation? Optical products like this aren’t crippled by the Toslink spec are they or am I wrong on this?

They are, but they use sonic orbiter OS. I have this. It works great. But I am going to get the Airlens anyway. Same concept, but I will place money on PS Audio will sound better.

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Hi @paul. Thanks for sharing. I really like PS Audio’s willingness to share the excitement as products develop with what you’re looking to achieve and what we might be able to expect. Very much looking forward to seeing and hearing the real thing :smiley:

The question is, isolation from what? The opticalRendu gives you isolation from any noise which might come in via the ethernet cable. But what about noise that the rendu’s own power supply brings in, or noise created inside the rendu by the non-audio clocks and circuits that handle ethernet and USB?

The AirLens goes a step further by having an output stage that’s no more complex than is necessary to handle audio data in the most basic format (ie SPDIF or I2S) with only audio-related clocks, and then isolating that entire stage from the rest of its own internal operations.

Perhaps a little reading will inform your opinion. The Signature Rendu SE, which I also own, is a game changer.


Mate I didn’t offer an opinion, just described the functional nature of things. The Rendu has a stellar reputation, though I’ve never heard one. But it does have a USB output which means that anything it connects to has to deal with the challenges inherent in USB, which cannot be eliminated inside the Rendu.

It’s a direct response to Kerosene’s question about isolation. In particular the AirLens reduces the amount of work a DAC designer has to do to filter or reject noise – moreso than does the Rendu.

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