PS Audio AirLens

Now I know why during our last trip in CA people immediately recognized us as Italians, even before pronouncing a single word in my “maccheronic” English!


We are driving to Italy in September, much better that flying as allows for more shopping. I normally hate shopping, but Italy is different! Our last trip was 4 or 5 days in Rome, I think 2 hours in duty free on the way home cost me more than the rest of the trip.

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if you need some advice for restaurants or anything else do not hesitate to ask me. I’ll be early in September on Sardinia island (less tourists, empty beach, quiet and warm water).

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BluOS has a way of losing devices. This is the case for both WiFi and ethernet connections. Routers and Modems given out by providers are not 100% compatible with BluOS. On the other hand Sonos solves this problem with its Boost. I never lose connection with my Sonos speakers. BluOS should develop its own Boost. I get tired of reconnecting at the most inopportune times. Have the Node 2i and the Powernode 2i.

Specifically what is BluOS doing that is not 100% compatible with routers and modems?

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Many thanks. We are mostly sorted for restaurants, except Florence, but my wife met the owner of the hotel we’re staying at when they were in Cambodia doing yoga in 2020, so she will be looking after us! I’m trying to think if we’ve ever had a bad meal in Italy, but I can’t think of one.

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Without going back and reading 1500+ posts…is there an ETA on the release of the AirLens?

I believe they are aiming for beta testing late August / early September. If everything goes well at the beta stage, then hopefully we are looking at an October / November release date.

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… And now if you’ll buy that, I got some …

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I’ve had far fewer Sonos issues since adding a Boost. The new portable speakers don’t use SonosNet-just your regular WiFi, so they are different. But the regular Sonos stuff is well-nigh bulletproof.

Just opened the fuse holder of the SR Switch UEF and… surprise! There is a Purple one inside!

I’m also using my spare HC Dragon power cable to feed it, all is working well. Definitely quieter even more than before after a few songs I’m playing between the ones I’m more familiar with.

It seems that the Dragon may add what usually is able to add, silence to the background and well controlled more power and presence. Be aware I’m not so fool to compare what the Dragon can do feeding a switch vs what we all know it can do feeding a P20 but to be honest a difference is clearly audible.

Next week I’m expecting to receive the Inakustik Referenz CAT 7 ethernet cable to complete my first step in digital rabbit hole.

At the moment I’m pretty happy and for sure I’m experiencing a remarkable improvement on what I was used to hear only 2 weeks ago.

Awaiting the AirLens the weak link in the chain is now the MacMini I suppose. I switched off the wifi and no software is running except Roon. Maybe a linear power supply would be useful but I’m too lazy to open it and manage with technical boards and screws. Not for me!

Now back to music, joy and relax (next 2 weeks I’m on holiday - mainly at home - so I finally have all the time to listen to what I love!). What a wonderful days ahead!


@luca.pelliccioli ,It should get better if you keep burning in the purple 200 hours.

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Thank goodness. Crisis averted!

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This is the answer I got when I raised the issue with BluOS:Sonos was created long before decent WiFi or meshes were available and the Boost or wiring one of their devices actually creates a new dedicated network which is proprietary. This is not needed with decent hardware available today.

Unfortunately most routers supplied free of charge by ISPs are rubbish and not fit for purpose. In the UK the only decent routers supplied are the Fritz!box from Zen and even that has issues or the devices AAISP supply but they charge quite a bit more monthly.

Most cases can be fixed / helped with the info posted in this thread,


Wait, wait…

After a few comparisons CDs still sound unequivocally better: transparency, clarity, airy. Another league.

Hope the ArLens can fill the gap.

Meanwhile let’s listen to a more enjoyable streaming music but there’s still way to go.

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I remember Dragon HC on my preamp sounded amazing, but I do not know if Dragon Source is better. I do not want to try that comparison (AQ does not recommend it, but I do not think it will hurt equipment).

I like Dragon Source a lot. It is like M-1 fuses, two are better but will a third be worth it?

I found on the AQ website that they do not recommend to use the Dragon Source (designed for constant current) for large power components like amplifiers, subs or regenerators but didn’t find recommendations on the contrary using HC Dragon for linear power supplies, sources and son on. Here is why I tried it to feed the SR Switch.
Am I wrong?

When the AirLens will be here in any case I purchase a new Source Dragon.


I am going to continue in Dragon thread, we are hijacking the AirLens thread. Sorry!

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Maybe you’re not comparing the right things. When I compare my DSD 256 files from the NAS to CD’s, it not even close, files are in a different league entirely! CD sounds so compromised!

Even when I compare ripped files from the same CD, The ripped files sounds much better. But that’s comparing the PST to my Esoteric streamer.

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Yes I have no libraries with downloaded or ripped files on my server (MacMini), my comparison may be only between CDs played on PST > DS DAC SR MK I via Dragon 48 and music played streaming on Roon/Qobuz as described above.

Another crucial factor, I suppose, is that you have separate units: server + streamer (and what a wonderful streamer!).
What’s your experience in that same comparison {playing CDs vs streaming same albums from Roon Qobuz)?

This is the reason why the up coming AirLens is the next step in my journey to give digital music a chance, until that day (not so far we all hope) I spent many months collecting records and CDs and I prefer by far listening to them, from the first to the last track, managing a cover in my hands, totally lost in an experience so pleasant, realistic and emotionality engaging to be in contact with music.
Too much a newbie in digital music to appreciate it even in its way of listening, streaming is like zapping for me with the purpose to speedily search new artists and albums I consequently want to purchase.

Do you remember when we were young all that days spent in a record shop? Hours and hours discussing with a guru seller (usually an older experienced guy) about genres, new releases, bands, record labels while he sneakpeaking unpacked a single copy of an album to let you listen to one or two tracks, no more, by his system. Then in the evening you were finally able to entirely listen to those albums you had bought or you invited some friends to share your last discovery, a must have from the past or an absolutely masterpiece destined to become an icon in future.
Streaming for choosing what physically buy now reminds me that romantic process.

The only organization I’m doing is collecting albums in Roon library: to be saved as I decided not to buy but I liked them or tagging them “to be listened” to evaluate possibly next purchases. Never downloaded or ripped a single song at the moment.

Sorry for the long poem.