PS audio directstream mk1 add Bridge 2 or go with X SDIF 3?

Can I attach multiple inputs (cd transport and a music streamer) to my ps audio directstream?

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Yes you can. You can use all the inputs and switch from the remote or front panel. There are some who would caution that noise can transfer from one device to another. Your sound will be somewhat compromised in this situation. But I believe it just works that way for them and their funny ideas about audio. The Bridge2 can be used as well.


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Just to clarify: the Bridge can only be used with the DS Mk1, not the newer MK2. Because the Bridge is an internal card, it does contribute some noise. I have not experienced any noise issues with external connections/components.

I too have never had any issues having multiple inputs connect to the DS-1. The same is true for the DS-2 it goes farther at ensuring this with powering off unused inputs automatically and also allowing for lifting of grounds.


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My PerfectWave DirectStream DAC Mk1 arrived today, and I set it up with an Audience Studio Two USB connecting to my Innuos Zen Mk3… I was so stoked since both arrived… sadly no sound comes out of the DAC to my pre amp. The DS registers on Innuos, and on the DS screen it says PCM rate 48k 16 bits so seems to be getting some signal but still no music. Any ideas anyone?

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Just a thought, check volume settings on both units. If you choose to reseat any interconnects between the Innuos and the PSA DAC, down power each first using the rear power switches. When I initially set-up my new PSA DSD Mk I DAC and new Innuos ZENith Mk3 I had no audio as well. They were connected with a USB cable. Ultimately the new PSA DAC went back to PSA Technical support for repair. If if adjusting volume on both, rebooting both, and reseating the interconnect between the two is unsuccessful, you may want to contact PSA technical support.

Once everything is working and burned in you will be most pleased with the sonic result.

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As weedeewop said, the first thing to check is the volume. When the DAC is powered down, its volume is reset to 25 (out of 100) for safety reasons so one typically needs to reset the volume after a reboot.

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I have a Direct Stream MK 1 and wanted to know if there is any way to run it through my HT system?

I have heard of people doing this to get better SQ off online Videos Etc.

I have my DAC hooked up to a Krell Foundation processor.

Most appreciated

you were so right! after burn in and swaping a few cables (beginning of ‘high’ end ethernet cable), the musicality of these components amazes me. so miuch so i bought a bhk 250 and feel sad to see my Mcintosh amp go…but what an amazing synergy for next level detail and precision. am on Qobuz with a good ethernet cable hi-res approaches good analogue quality