PS Audio got thrown under the bus in Fremer's latest article

YMMV based on the person, genre, gear, room, mood and $budget$

I did that once. I’ll never do that again. :frowning_face:

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You are the antithesis of a PSA darling and a demonstrative internet troll. But hey, you’ve said you own “3 noise harvesters” for “street cred”.


Oh my, you don’t understand. Fremer is the “darling” who has given so many positive reviews for PSA yet the OP accused him of playing up to the people that gave him free work supposedly - ie, called Fremer a dishonest reviewer. Please pay better attention. C’mon man!

It was ad hoc.

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My first thought when seeing the photo of drilling for dual 10’ grounding rods was did they check with Blue Stake first. Location is obviously back yard, but…

When my Solar System was installed I had a new 200 amp panel, new meter pan and new drop to pan installed with improved grounding. I have 3 seperate feeds to my Stereo System. I used to run my power amp on 240 vac. When I finally picked up a PS Audio P 10 regenerator and fed the whole system from it the sonic performance of my system improved in big ways. I find it hard to believe the much higher THD and impedance of running without a regenerator would enhance the sonics in the way Michael Fremer claims. I also take exception to the statement he made that the regenerators masked the problems he was having before the corrective actions. They cleaned up the mess and provided low impedance source for his system. In no way should he ever put the conditioner in line with the power plants. Sometimes you have to wonder about the abilities of some self proclaimed experts.


Way to go Sixpac1…

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My P15 is very “humming” also, especially when my AC is running.

I read the article and the way I read it he didn’t put the Niagara in line with the Powerplant. I posted here about using two units in series then actually read the article and deleted my post.

I think power conditioning is one of those things that seems dependent on the wiring/area/system. I have read negative opinions about the Niagara 7000 I use but I have only a very positive experience.


If you watch Fremers YouTube video and listen to the advice he got it seems spot on on what surprised me he did not take their advice about watching incoming distortion and clicking off each breaker then seeing which circuits had noise generated and move them to opposite phase from his HiFi circuit phase Very sound advice and quickly done if there is slack within the box. When I learned my Ht amp was dirtying incoming by 0.2 percent I reprogrammed its 12 V trigger do it is off if HT Sources are not being played. The less a P20 has to deal with on incoming the better it sounds.

I found that out the last Harvest Moon cycle. When distortion incoming was up another full one percent due to natural EMI and RF spikes from moon. I was very annoyed with my system and knew something was off. Sure enough the incoming affected what comes back through to ones ears.

Given Fremer had 5 percent incoming distortion just from corroded cables and bad connections. His new normal without a P20 and those distortions seems night and day. I saw changes in my baseline incoming after install dedicated AC lines for HiFI by tightening all connections in the box and the main service line coming in. After listening to Garth Powell from AQ talk about his solutions. I bought a Dragon HDMI cable and Dragon Power cable for my P20. I am sure the P20 and Niagra are both useful tools. Where the P20 really shines is with lousy incoming Power. After hearing what a Dragon does to HDMI noise I can’t wait to try the Dragon High Current AC on the P20. I will have 60 days to trial it.

As for Fremer after his ears adjusted to new Baseline I am sure the Niagra offers an improvement. He now has plugged for two HiFi companies. Garth Powell talks about regeneration and conditioners and removal of the source of distortion in his interviews He says there is room for both. That I believe because the power grid changes daily and with time of day. So must the solutions adapt.

i agree, the final statement at the end of the article doesn’t make sense. I have a new house and had the electrician install dedicated line to my audio systems of 12 gauge to ps audio premier power receptacles and the power comes in at 1.4 THD in this part of Atlantic Canada. I have no ground issues and i have good sound and dynamics plugged directly, but there is a metallic shrill and hardness that comes thru that goes away with my P12, also the micro dynamics are much better and the sound is silky smooth. You can’t beat a perfect sine wave coming from Ps audio regenetator no matter how good your house grid is.


PS Audio isn’t the subject of this Jay Jay French podcast conversation, but in this interview Fremer says his regenerator saved his bacon:

I think if any setup ever had to benefit from regenerators or conditioners, then one of the best playing atop of one of the worst imaginable power line conditions. This is not meant to play the general possible benefits of those measures down, it just means that it doesn’t mean much in this case.