PS Audio LED Logo

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The logo on the back of the T (with pocket, I hope) will be great for me when dressing. I often put the shirt on backwards. :smile:

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Ordered mine Friday!

Received the logo today. It’s larger than I imagined. Our aesthetic won’t allow it to be out in the listening room but it’s cool to have on the stack in the back. The iPhone camera has some trouble with the LED, it’s smoother color than the photos imply.


Surrounded by a glorious splendid sweeping vista… James looking into a bag of chips… classic.

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The logo is great fun! I did not expect multiple color choices however.

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It has many fantastic lighting options! :wink: Probably a dozen color choices, varying intensity and even rotation, fade, blink…

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That’s a hoot.

I hope Paul gets one for shows. It is eye-catching, yet elegant.

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Very nice Brett…I like the Nixie Tube Clocks. I have one in my equipment rack.


I like those but simply don’t have a place for it in my tiny home. It’s fun to support the craftsmanship and keep the skills alive.

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Did you build your Nixie or purchase?

Bought off eBay…

How long do Nixie tubes usually last? Do they need to be replaced every so often if left on the way you would with a standard clock?

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This sooooo cool. Thanks for sharing. Definitely have to get one.

Hey Paul, don’t order one just yet - I talked to Joe at Grove Engravers yesterday, and I believe that you should have one arriving at your office next week. :sunglasses:



Very Cool.

Nice gesture…


What!!!? That’s amazing. I can;’t wait. It is so cool! Thank you!

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Comes in many colours! Lots of functions from dimming, flashing, strobe and more, fan boy fun for sure!