Ps Audio P15 wrong

I bought a Ps Audio P15 on in June. There were problems already in the first days, it did not write out data, it did not show a sine wave. I didn’t see the incoming and outgoing measurements because the table remained empty. However, when I did a factory reset it was fine. Unfortunately, this has happened five times since then. Today, the device has become almost unusable. In practice, it only allows current to pass through, but does not work. The outputs light up red and do not respond to anything. The dealer is a foreign (CZECH) official Ps Audio distributor. I already wrote to him, but he doesn’t want to help me. I thought that since it is an official Ps Audio distributor - - it would be a safe purchase, I was wrong. I’m afraid he won’t do anything. He doesn’t even care, he cheated me badly. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I’d contact PS Audio Customer Service by email, use the Help Desk form and follow-up with a phone call. It’s unfortunate that the local dealer is not engaged.

PSAudio Help Desk

ph: 1-720-406-8946