Stellar P3 powered on, but no power output

My PP3 has been making a clicking noise for a few weeks now, never got around to posting about it. Now I’m sorry. The clicking only happened while I was playing music, from components plugged into the PP3.

Yesterday all those components abruptly shut off. The PP3 clearly still has power, but none of the plugged in components have any power coming to them. The PP3’s blue logo LED is on, as is the solid green output LED. And the multiwave function can be enabled, or disabled, with the remote.

I’ve powered the unit down, disconnected it from the AC socket, waited three minutes, plugged it back in, and turned it back on, and pressed the logo LED. It powers up as normal, but still no power out the back. The reset button has no apparent effect at all.

I’ve not checked the fuse, as I assume since it’s powered up, that’s not blown.

Anyone have any idea what’s happening, or how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

My unfortunate suspicion is the regeneration engine has died.

It likely needs to make a trip home.

Thanks. I kinda suspected that myself. Appearing to functions, all except for actually functioning, seems to be indicative of a problem. Thank goodness for three year warranties. :slight_smile:

Probably time to go find that shipping box in the cellar…

Thanks for the help.

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I agree with Elk. Consistent clicking is usually not a good thing when it comes to regens. Seems like it needs a quick trip home.

Thanks. RMA is on it’s way to me now. :slight_smile:

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