PS Connect continuous play

This is probably simple but I can’t seem to get PS Connect to play an entire album. It plays the first song and stops after that every time. This is a new problem.

Make sure the little icon at the bottom left while you’re playing an album looks like a square with arrows around it.

Hi, thanks it is. I have an excellent internet speed and Spotify streams fine. I use the PS connect in order to use Tidal. Also I noticed that the art work isn’t on the spinning album anymore…. Not that it matters. Still just plays one song and stops.

That’s rather odd. My artwork had been a little weird over the weekend but my internet was total crap over the weekend so I was blaming that. I would try closing the app, restarting your phone, and rebooting the Strata as well.

Thanks, turning off the main power on the back of the Strata did the trick.

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