PSA is off the chain!

I was already a loyal customer. They did not need to win me over. I required a replacement DS. TJ said it will take 5-10 days before ship. I said okay, no problem. Then he said wait that is wrong, can get it out of here in 2 days. The order was placed today at about 2:30PM CO time. Well knock me over with a feather. It is already in the hands of Fedex. Fedex mind you, not UPS either. So I know it does not arrive destroyed to boot.

PSA should be a model on many levels for a lot of other companies. Both small and large. I know I am a fanboy but they earned it from me. Do you think you would get this type of red carpet treatment from your phone carrier lol. I want to thank TJ, Jeremy and everyone there.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ll pass the kind words on to the team.

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He took care of me like a King. Should be here Today or Tomorrow. Other companies, well some help out but he went above and beyond. Very pleased with PSA as usual but especially so this time. Thank you, Todd